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  1. Tempting.........hope to get my PADI OWD license in a month's time. Will let you know then if I'm still interested, if this is still available that is Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the information Moray Eel. Of course I plan to be a good scuba diver first. That's why I want to do a survey first. Since these scuba equipments can be very pricey, I may want to buy the suitable lens or lenses first before getting the housing. I've always wanted to get the 45mm macro but now I've to consider getting a wide lens too. I will let you know on the housing you're letting go after I become a certified diver if it's still available. Btw, is there a link where I can have a look?
  3. I'm sorry I'm posting my enquiries here as I unable to start a new topic. I'm currently taking lessons to get my OWD cert and hoping I'm able to start scuba very very soon. Surveying what are the options I have for underwater photography. I have Panasonic GF1, G3 and lenses 20mm, 14-45mm and 14-42mm. Thinking of using the GF1 for scuba only What would be a good casing for GF1 and using which lens? Or would getting a macro 45mm lens better?
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