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  1. Hi, all. Equipment SOLD. Thank you!
  2. Hi. Please check this: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54915&do=findComment&comment=357001 Thank You.
  3. Hi, all. Selling my Gates PMW-200 with SWP44 port, pelican cases, everything practically new, since I dove only twice with this equipment: a) Gates PMW 200 housing b) Gates Diopter kit (+1, +2, +4) c) Gates top mounted carry handle d) Gates microphone e) Gates DF1000 audio moisture alarm f) Gates O-Ring kit for PMW 200 g) Gates Pelican 1620 Case h) Gates Accessory Dovetail i) Gates SWP44 Fathom Wide Angle Port Price of the package: U$ 4,000.00 . Thank You!
  4. LionFish, what´s the weight of the monitor? Thank You.
  5. Thank you for the explanation about video lights.
  6. Drew, I´d like to know how to upload a video... Is there any tutorial for dummies?
  7. Hi, Drew. The color ring appears in wide angle shots. Unfortunatelly, this issue is very real for me. I don´t like it, of course. And, yes, I have unedited captures that I´ll post later. FS100 is wonderful above water. What I intend to do is: Genesis+FS100 underwater with artificial light (macro). WA = PMW-200.
  8. OK. After lots of dives and tests, I came up with a setup for FS100 underwater that I´d like to share. Maybe I help somebody out there: Shooting with Natural Light (in blue water): Black Level 0 Gamma ITU Color Mode Cine2 / Level 2 Color Level 0 Color Depth 0 WB Shift filter LB-CC LB +9 CC+9 R+9 Detail +2 Shooting with artificial light (in blue water): Black Level 0 Gamma STD Color Mode STD / Level 2 Color Level -2 Color Depth 0 WB Shift 0 Detail 0 Very important: adjust IRIS correctly. Too opened, greenish tone. Too closed, deep blue but dark appearance. Always use Zebra 100%. Of course, adjust WB. Salut. Marcos
  9. Thanks, Drew. I probably overreacted. But I went to DEMA and tried to solve our problems. But no FS100 anymore for me. I´ll try PMW-200. It seems Simon Spears has one. I´d like to know what he (or anyone) thinks about it. Only Gates has a housing for it. Sony launched PMW-300 and I checked one today. No housings yet.
  10. Simon, I agree. I sent my genesis to Amphibico from Brazil (where I live) for repairing, but the Canadian customs put $600 on taxes (?!) of a product MADE IN CANADA BY THEM, they payed the taxes without telling me anything, and they wanted to charge ME this $600 "because I didn´t have written that the product was made in Canada etc - which is not true). So, I decided to give my beloved Genesis in exchange to these $600.00 . I really don´t care, I spent a lot of money in this rig, travelling and diving, with no good results. Amphibico, never more.
  11. Thank you for your input, David. Still looking for something good. I saw a nice footage from Vince (Wakatobi) with his PMW-200. Amazing images in natural light. Regards, Marcos Melo
  12. It´s been almost one year that I´ve been shooting with Amphibico Genesis+Sony FS100. Due to my deception about the performance underwater, I´ve been googling a lot in order to find out something to rest my mind. But no. Only deceptions about FS100 underwater. I can say that I dove in different waters like Turks&Caicos, Palau, Sulawesi, Thailand. I can say I spent a whole week diving 4 times a day rested on the sand shooting the same spot over and over again, changing every single configuration about WB, Picture Profile, aperture, etc etc. And I have never got good images underwater with ambient light. I managed to set up a picture profile for ambient light and another for artificial light. I can´t complain about the images underwater using my LMI Sola 2000. Macro footage is good. The problem is always with ambient light. The deception comes more heavily when you see a footage from a consumer canon camcorder and compares to the FS100 underwater… This thread has a lot of helpful info and I´d like to thank all of you guys who shared it. What I can say now is that I´m moving to Red Scarlet-X, probably. But all the money that I spent with Genesis+FS100 was gone for nothing. I don´t know if Sony is doing some research to update the firmware to solve the color separation etc. I hope so. In the first day shooting in Sulawesi, the Genesis left grip button came out and I couldn´t shoot almost anything. Now I sent it to Amphibico to repair, but I really want to sell this equipment and go for another rig.
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