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  1. Hello every one, I am going to begine this by appoligising for my spelling as i am typing on my tablet with my partner asleep on my sholder making it difficult to move without waking her. I am a bit of a photographer and have worked with many different bits of gear. Mostly this gear has been other peoples. Mostly I use a Patima housing with a 450d, 500d or a 600d in it, but now i am looking to get a housing for my D800. There are so many different housing that I get over whelmed by them all so I was wondering if someone could help me with some gidance in this. I have looked at the websites for many housing like subal and sea&see, as well as ikalite. I really can't work out what I want.People say dont get ikalite they flood, but i have seen many others flood and alway because of user error. Like most of you I like doing wide shots as well as macro stuff, though I rarely ever se any sort of auto setting except focus sometimes, so what i want to shoot doesnt help me narrow my selection at all. I want photos of everything. If possible it would be amazing if someone could direct me to something that could bullet point pros and cons of different brands that would be amazing. cheers bunitj
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