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  1. Selling my Aquatica AF macro port, sync cables for traditional Nikonos bulkheads to Inon or Sea and Sea strobes and two 8 inch arm floats (1/2 pound of float lift each) and one 11 inch arm float (1 lb of float lift). The macro port has some minor scratches, but nothing that shows up in photos, I have photos I took with it a few days ago that I can provide for proof of quality. Asking $100 for the macro port, $60 for all 3 floats and $50 for the sync cables. Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal fees. Please message or email bthomasphillips@gmail.com for photos/info.
  2. Adam, How far of a distance can you place the trigger away from the strobe on the camera it would need to detect? I was thinking of getting one to light up some shots inside wrecks, but wasn't sure how far it can be placed to still pickup the triggering strobe on the camera, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Selling my single Sea and Sea YS-D1J strobe, the strobe has been misfiring, most likely an internal problem. I looked into getting it fixed, would cost about $200, so selling it cheap for $75 plus shipping. Message or email bthomasphillips@gmail.com for questions
  4. I have 2 Sea & Sea sync cables that connect to traditional Nikonos bulkheads. Good condition, $125 for both. Message or email bthomasphillips@gmail.com if interested
  5. Strobes have been sold, Selling housing, camera body, ports and gears for $2000 obo
  6. Willing to drop price to $3000 for package, also willing to sell gear separately
  7. Selling my Nikon D7000 body with Nauticam housing and gear. The housing had a full overhaul service and new handles from Reef Photo in January of 2018 ($700). Only issues: moisture alarm in housing does not work & the internal flash on the camera body must be flipped up manually, both not big issues at all. Comes with additional gear: -4 inch mini glass Zen dome (dp 100) used for Tokina 10-17mm -Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm -macro port for 60mm -extension ring for 105mm -focus gear for 60mm -1 Sea and Sea YS-250 Pro strobe, battery, charger and fiber optic cable -1 Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobe, diffusers, batteries, charger and fiber optic cable -AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm lens (land lens) I prefer to sell everything as a package, but open to offers, Asking $3200 plus shipping/obo please message or email bthomasphillips@gmail.com for photos
  8. I would suggest getting the Sea and Sea o ring grease, personally that's my favorite to use
  9. You can contact Reef Photo in Fort Lauderdale to get an o ring replacement
  10. Very nice! I've been shooting with the Retra LSD for over 2 years now and I am hooked, I only shoot macro now with the snoot.
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