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  1. Hi, okidoki, sounds better. Current pictures show only 2 clamps. May you describe the sign of use on the used arms a little bit more in detail. Interested in two arm set`s, but not willing to pay 600€ for the almost new ones. How much is shipping to Germany (postal code 69214). Pitty that you not willing to sell the spare accu.(electronic of one of my spare accu does not work any longer). If you change your mind just let me know. Br Markus
  2. Hi, The flash arm set`s only comes with two clamps? I`m also looking for spare battery for Seaflash. If you willing to sell one or two out of of the Seaflash set`s please let me know. Br from Germany Markus
  3. Where are you located. Do you ship to Germany and how much will be shippingcost to Germany. Br Markus
  4. @Tim shot the hairy at waters of Anilao Br Markus
  5. Here few pics from my archive. Location: Tulamben Location: Fakarava south Location: Pandar Island Location: Alor Location: Protea Banks Br Markus
  6. Hi, Sorry for late reply. I`m still alive, but pretty busy on my business back home after 2 month holiday in Indonesia. Please let me know what more info you need. PM no problem. Br Markus
  7. Hi, two more pictures for info. Br Markus
  8. Hi, housing has 2 N5 flash socket and is complete except current one M14 nippel (the one bottem right on the housing see picture) is missing. But i think I still have the part somewhere. Will look after it if you really interested. Housing never got wet and was never used. What else of detailed info do you need? Please see attached pictures. Br Markus
  9. Hi, have Seacam D2 housing never used like new condition. Located in Germany. If interested please pm. Br Markus
  10. Hello, still available? If so, would you also ship to Germany? Br Markus
  11. Hi, can`t help you but I`m on the same dilemma. Want to switch from Seacam due to poor control access and control ergonomics but still want to use my 13mm Seacam/Nikonos. Only UW Housing supplier supporting my requirements is current is Isotta, They will provide port adapter & will adapt there housing to use my seacam viewfinder. Did`nt place order, but look like very good customer support. Br Markus
  12. Hi, interested in 2x Nauticam Float arm 350gr 60€. How much is shipping to Germany? Br Markus
  13. Hi, open for reasonable offers. I take extreme care on my equipment and clean eyerything after use. If any question or need for additional photos don!t hesitate to contact. Br Markus
  14. Hi, negotiable or fixed price? If negotiable please PM. Best regards Markus
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