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  1. Also have a housing for Canon 1D if you needed one. Not a 5D though unfortunately.
  2. Hi, I've got a superdome which I'm looking to sell if you still need one. Also have two seacam flash housings. I've taken a photo of them, but don't know what model they are. I have a few extension tubes too if you are after any of these as well as a smaller dome port. Photos attached. Let me know.
  3. I imagine this is sold by now, but I'm after a couple of YS-250's if you have them available still please?
  4. Seacam Superdome & Fisheye Dome (160mm) for sale Both in great condition, UK based but willing to ship internationally. Superdome: £900 Fisheye Dome (160mm): £500 Contact me with any questions.
  5. Seacam Seaflash for Canon housing (x2) Seacam seaflash, with model light and plug-in power unit ACS410A (one per flash). Two seaflash units available. Asking price: £350 each, £600 for both S6-S6 long cable – 10 metre length New price: £260 ; Asking price: £100 Seacam Extension PVLs (35mm and 20mm) Tiered in different dimensions, these enable an extension to the port. An individual adjustment of lenses of different lengths or characteristics is thus possible and your travel baggage reduced. Sizes for sale: • PVL 35mm port extension new price: £240; asking price: £150 • PVL 20mm port extension new price: £240; asking price: £150 Standardport P Short port (glassed one end, screws into Seacam housing at the other end) for standard optics of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. Comes with neoprene protective lens cover. Depth of the standardport is 75mm total, 67mm approximately from the inside of the glass to section where the port screws into your Seacam housing. New price: £250; asking price: £150 Ultralight DB16 - 16 Inch Double Ball Arm This Ultralight double ball arm is a 16 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup. Machined from 6061 grade aluminium and then hard anodized these arms are made to withstand the harshest treatment. 6061 aluminium is known for its excellent moisture resistance and strength whilst still being light weight. New price: £35 ; asking price: £20 Ultralight AC-CSF Clamp New price: £35 ; asking price £20
  6. Hi, I'm after a YS250 strobe - would you sell one seperately? Thanks.
  7. Hi Nick, I'd be interested in buying the whole package form you. How can I private message you?
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