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  1. HI Trevor I encountered the same problem too and it was shorter than 6 months! This is what I learnt while tinkering to get it fixed. - I sometimes leave the camera switched on while the lever on the housing is at the off position. You can push the lever to its 'correct' position after the housing is closed but that's when I realise the sub command dial cannot be engaged anymore. When I open the housing and do everything by the book the problem goes away. Sometimes this has to be done twice. - Another potential point is when I leave the shooting mode release lever permanently engaged. Now I make sure its released before putting the camera in the housing. I have not encountered any problems since. I hope this helps you solve your problem Cheers!
  2. maybe you are right. let me see if i can get another copy of the lens. Thanks for helping me out
  3. Hi Nortoda1 The setup I find just doesn't seem sharp to me even in the center too. I was comparing both the Sigma and Tokina on the trip and the Tokina gives me better results contrary to what I have read around here, so maybe I am doing something wrong here and need help
  4. Hi Everybody Was trying it very recently on a trip and I don't find it to be very satisfying. According to the system chart there is no need for any extension rings. Putting on an extension ring will result is serious vignetting anyway. Does anybody have issues with this setup? Would love too hear your input on this As of now I get much better results with a token FE and a sx extension ring installed. Thank you!!! Cheers Victor
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