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  1. Nikon D300, Tokina 10-17mm, Seacam silver housing, 9cm dome, plus extra lenses


    Working perfectly. Just selling to upgrade.

    Includes manual and book for D300, and all service parts and spares for the Seacam housing. The dome port is a uniquely small acrylic dome, perfect for CFWA (Close Focus Wide Angle) shots.
    The housing has N-5 strobe connectors installed, but I'm also including a set of the much more robust S6 bulkheads. The housing also has a leak-alarm.
    The camera bag in the picture is also included.
    Selling for $2900 USD plus shipping from Florida.
    Here are some photos taken with this system:
    For an extra $200 USD I can also include three extra lenses:
    Nikon 50mm 1.8,
    Tokina 20-35mm (3.5-4.5) with extra polarizing filter,
    Vivitar 500mm 6.3 plus a 2x magnifier turning it into a 1000mm lens.








    • Panasonic LX3 camera with original box, packing and manuals

    Three 52mm filters (UV, Polarizing, Flourescent) plus filter-adapter

    2 batteries + charger

    12 Piece Deluze Camera starter kit (mini-tripod, screen guards, lens-cleaning solution, cloths etc)

    8GB SD-card

    10 Bar housing with original protective bag and ununsed service kit

    Extra wide-angle lens for the housing. (10Bar WL-M58-F104)

    Regular flat port for the housing.

    Selling for: $500 (New price: $1900)

    Pictures taken with this system: http://florida.scubasoft.net/#!album-1



  2. I have too many of these rare strobes (I can't carry them all on one dive!), so now I'm selling one of them. It's in great shape and has never flooded. I still have not found anything as powerful as this on the market today.

    In the pictures the slave sensor looks a bit funky because it is wrapped in black electric tape (to make it not show up as much in pictures), but under the tape is the original logo.


    $500 for the whole package, plus shipping.


    I have rebuilt battery packs for these strobes with great success, and I will tell you where to get new ones, should you ever need to.







  3. Greetings reader,


    I have been diving for 20 years and have always been interested in underwater photography, but just recently got a so called "semi-professional" camera (D300) and Seacam housing. My first photo dive was during my "Advanced Open Water" class in the mid-90s using a Motor Marine 2 camera, but then I didn't take any underwater pictures until about 5 years ago when I got a Panasonic LX3 with 10Bar housing. (some photos from this camera can be seen here: http://florida.scubasoft.net/#1.22 )

    I live in Florida and primarily shoot pictures in caves. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two on this forum.




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