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  1. Evening all, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to U/W photography - been diving with a Canon IXUS 70 plus housing since 2007 but have recently upgraded to an Oly EPL1 & Oly housing. I'm on the look out for a decent strobe that I can hopefully pick up second hand. Can anyone recommend one and the reasons why? The vast majority of my diving is done in Scotland and most of my photography will be macro, however, nice to have the option of wider angle (especially for Scapa in August!). Thoughts much appreciated. Thanks, Victoria
  2. Hi there - just getting properly started on this UW photography business and looking for lots of hints/tips on this forum. Been diving since 2007 with a Canon Ixus 70 and housing but wanted to move on to something more, had a borrow of an Oly E-PL1 on holiday in Gozo last year and loved it and just last week the housing arrived for it! Now to find a suitable strobe... Looking forward to learning from you all!
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