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  1. Good question...I got into diving a year ago specifically to take pictures..I got my open water cert, did one dive with a camera and put it away in the closet for a year while I got more experience diving....didn't even try to take pictures again till I'd done 70 dives...now I just got a rig and am doing ok with it but still am limited by my diving ability and not my photographic skills....aloha....Peter
  2. thanks greatwhite....I do use RAW for stills,either shoot AWB or do custom WB as I go, in either case use Lightroom and dropper to fix in post...I was wondering about the underwater settings for shooting available light video with my Olympus E-PL5 in situations where I cant do a custom WB...I have the option of setting a specific color temp with that camera, so wanted a ballpark idea of the equivalent of a magic filter...will try 6500 or so and adjust from there....mahalo for your help....peter
  3. thanks Mark...I bought white palmed diving gloves and that worked well today, was able to custom WB down to 40 feet ....lens cap is a good idea as well.....aloha....peter
  4. thanks for the quick reply...I do use manual, but was concerned about what temp to set in situations where the camera wont register a custom WB...its a new camera and I havent tried it yet, but opinions seem to vary as to how likely getting a custom WB is, and certainly wont be able to below 50 feet..I will try both AWB and the 6000 range when using the sola for video...as I said, I dont expect a lot of light from the sola but have gotten reasonable results with it using a gopro on deeper dives......will be using strobe and RAW for stills so not an issue there....thanks again for the help.....aloha,,,,peter
  5. does anyone know a) what color temp most manufacturers use for their "underwater" settings; or b) what do you suggest for color temp when you cant do a custom WB? I am shooting RAW so I know it is a moot point for stills but was wondering about using a compact camera to shoot video where I dont have the option of RAW and have only limited light source, i.e. sola 500,effective only with very close objects......mahalo...peter
  6. I just bought a set of white palmed gloves and am hoping to try that to obviate the need for slate.....
  7. just joined...great forum...am new to underwater but experienced nature photographer on land...have multiple canon SLR bodies but just bought Olympus E-PL5 with their dedicated housing and Sea and Sea strobe...was also surprised no idiot-proof underwater settings but custom WB seems quick and simple by assigning the record button to one-step WB so no big deal....anyone aware whether there is a way to preset exposure/wb/flash settings as a custom easily accessed setting similar to the canon G-11 C1 and C2 settings? Got the Oly cause I wanted faster AF than most compacts provide, wanted to shoot RAW, and didnt want the bulk/cost of an SLR system since I am just starting out.......aloha from Oahu...peter
  8. Aloha: just joined forum...long time canon nature shooter but new to underwater....recently purchased Oly E-PL5 and housing/strobe so will almost certainly be asking about issues as they arise.......peter
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