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  1. Ramification of illegal immigrant fear? My mama, Mexican, US citizen, 85, ID'd when she bought a beer y'day. #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat

  2. Lecture by Photographer Greg Mettler at Monterey Museum of Art https://t.co/HdF38fPhAh

  3. RT @peterfranza: Its one thing when a man in the woods is wearing a tin foil hat b/c the govt is spying on his thoughts.. But when a rep of…

  4. Love this Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired Dissent Pin! https://t.co/sUJ2SJ4W1f

  5. RT @NASAClimate: Dec 2016's avg global temp was 3rd highest on record. Global avg atmospheric CO2 concentration was ~405 ppm. https://t.co/…

  6. 2017 Wag n' Walk: Ms. Dida Kutz - The SPCA for Monterey County: https://t.co/B4b4zXTcJ0

  7. Pls support the SPCA of Monterey County by sponsoring me and Bajo https://t.co/gafRKBNHkp

  8. Pls. comment on ASSEMBLY BILL AB 1151 vaquita protection https://t.co/VATLZ9HclM #vaquita #vivavaquita

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