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  1. Still for sale?
  2. Very nice! Must have been a thrill being that close!
  3. Looks like you had a great trip - lots of nice shots! Who did you dive with?
  4. Nice shots! We were on board the Seahorse back in 2010 on one of their Raja Ampat itineraries and planning on going again next year. How's she holding up? Did you stay onboard for Raja Ampat too?
  5. That looks like a nice problem to have Steve! Looks like you have a nice group of shots to play with.
  6. We have been diving with several of the operations but by far our favorite is Pacific Rim. Patrice runs an excellent operation! She has a smaller boat (6 divers max) so everyone dives as a loose group. My DSLR was never a problem. They do not do afternoon dives (most ops don't) because the wind picks up and makes it kind of rough. But you get to dive your own profile so 70-75 minute dives are not usual. Plus she has homemade brownies every day! Do not miss the manta night dive. Pacific Rim does not offer that so we use Kona Honu. They offer it as a 2 tank (reef, snack, mantas) or a one tank manta dive. Most all the operations take snorklers along too. Schedule your dives and tours accordingly, some of the attractions like the observatory are over 14,000 feet.
  7. I've been to both Yap and Palau a couple times - we just returned a couple weeks ago. While Yap is known for mantas there's a lot more to see. Primarily hard corals there while Palau has a nice mixture. The island itself is very laid back and friendly. Palau is a more diverse diving experience. I've done all my diving from livaboards so I can't comment on the land based diving. If I could only do one I would pick Palau, but if you have the time the diving in Yap is definitely worth it!
  8. Nice shot. With that setup, how close were you able to get (distance from dome to clownfish)?
  9. Nice shots! What area of Fiji were you in?
  10. Very nice stuff! Thanks for posting. Really like the feel of #1
  11. I agree. You may think that some exaggeration will help to sell your point, but in fact you are doing the opposite. Once you lose credibility it reflects on your whole cause. If people find you are making up statistics, they aren't going to only doubt your math; they are going to question the whole legitimacy of your entire effort.
  12. I would give my vote to Kasawari. Excellent place! Great divemasters, accommodations, and people. Airport transfers were waiting for us at 1:00am after a long delayed flight. Very well run.
  13. Your web page looks great, and the stunning pictures certainly help!
  14. Papau New Guinea is definitely on my wish list, and your photos make me want to go sooner. Great shots, thanks for sharing!
  15. That is cool, and no i don't think I've seen that anywhere else! Nice job!
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