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  1. The GoPro semi-fisheye lens at wide setting behind a flat port underwater has a field of view roughly similar to something like an 18-20mm (35mm equivalent) rectilinear lens. The maximum possible angle of view through a flat port is somewhere around 96-97 degrees; you can confirm this with Snell's law. Practically, the diagonal 133 degrees FOV turns into about 90 degrees and as a side effect the fisheye effect gets mostly kinda corrected to rectilinear. You can't easily replicate that above water with settings because of the fisheye effect above the water.
  2. If anyone is interested, I have a first video shot with the 10-18mm up on vimeo at: vimeo.com/huwporter/uepi <- copy and paste into browser Cheers, Huw
  3. Hi Oskar, Sorry, I don't have any stills with the 16mm + UWA to compare, but several of my videos use that combo - e.g: vimeo.com/55703933 [edit - The forum software insists on trying to embed the hyperlink to vimeo - so apologies the link above isn't clickable.] I found the UWA works better with the 4.33" dome than the fisheye - apart from the centre of the frame, the fisheye was worse than 'soft' and well into 'blurry' territory. (I didn't use the fisheye u/w much because of that - stopping down a lot might have helped, but I'm often in low light as it is...) Cheers, Huw -- http://www.huwporter.com
  4. I have a couple of photo galleries from the Solomon Islands using the 10-18mm at: Guadalcanal Wrecks Uepi Island Resort All the underwater photos are using the 10-18mm and the Nauticam 7" port with my NEX-5n, almost all at the 10mm end. Lighting is 2x Mangrove 40W video lights (I shot more video than stills on this trip, video still in editing). My thumbnail review: this setup is way sharper, particularly in the corners, than the 16mm + WA adapter with the 4.33" dome. Stabilisation and focus works well for video. If you want to use the zoom gear, the dome port must be removed, and then re-mounted once the camera and lens are installed in the housing body, but if you don't use the zoom gear the lens can be inserted from the rear of the housing leaving the port in place. The 7" dome is more buoyant than the 4.33", which works well for me since my video lights are very negative. My non-expert conclusion: it's a big upgrade from the 16mm + 4.33" dome, and I'm very happy with it. Any other questions, ask away. Cheers, Huw -- http://www.huwporter.com
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