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  1. Hi, I have one to sell in a good state. I am in France it is not a problem to send it. Where do you live? I propose to you 250 euros shippping included
  2. up price down to 250 shipping included
  3. Hello. I am selling Aquatica AF/MF 18426 macro port. Plexi has just been repolish and is in a very good state. Some scratches on the black body. Photos soon wanting 300 euros shipping including
  4. all sold unless macro port. I open new post. Port has been polish like new
  5. one photo added to post. Others by mail. Have a good day
  6. Hello, I am selling my Nikon D700 (111 000 shutters, i had it with 80 000 and no problem) with aquatica housing and balls for strobe arms (not ball at the top of the housing and not the cord to the stab) , dome 8, macro port AF/MF (scratches on glass but nothing visible on pictures), extension 18453 (nikon 105, sigma 105 non OS) I want for all 3000 euros Others pictures by mail Have a good day
  7. sorry in place of "Ans supping for France" i want to say "And shipping for France"....
  8. Hello, Do you sell without rings? Ans supping for France? If yes how much? Thanks
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