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  1. Thanks for the kind words guy's! Here is Vol.2 incase you're interested Not quite as happy with this one, but its still just for fun. Comments and critique alway welcome! ~Z~
  2. Here is a little video I made just for fun during monsoon season here, in case anyone would like a gander. Criticism and suggestions are always welcome. Inspired by a few of my favourite (and fictional) pioneers. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Hey, I may not post much, but I'll vouch for Koh Tao being an excellent place to start seriously getting into underwater video. Very easy diving and nice critters with many (many, many) dive shops available to work at to gain more experience once you've completed your training. I definitely wouldn't knock resort experience either. You dive and film almost every day, build up a lot of stock for yourself (not to mention your showreel for when you do decide to move on), become an excellent diver and I believe you'll learn a lot about the behaviour of various critters. Many companies on Koh Tao are more focused solely on Open water course filming, and others offer documentary style training. I work at Oceans Below, so I'll attempt not to be bias and just say you should check out the youtube channels of the various companies to see what impresses you most Good luck!
  4. Really nice! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see them someday.
  5. Thanks Steve! That means a lot. Especially coming from someone with such an awesome flikr page! Definitely makes me want to get into photography more. Now that I've finally purchased a camera of my own (RX100) I can only hope to get better!
  6. yup.. more of a growing investment than a one off purchase! I just need a camera and housing I can slowly build up on and use for the next couple of years. So want a nice durable housing and good cam. Managed to find an Rx100 second hand for £300 on gumtree, grabbed it! So I guess I'm committed to my Patima choice now. Also found the RX100 new for £350 on http://www.eglobaldigitalstore.co.uk/compact-cameras.html Plus if you google vouchers you can find one for another £5 off of that pretty good deal considering second hand ones on ebay go for around £350. Ebay is suddenly not so cheap these days..! Woohoo, glad the chase is over, now to get my hands on it and get in the water. Will update in the future if I get my mits on a Wet-mate or something. Thanks for all the advice ~Z~
  7. Found it for €559 in a few places, still searching though. If you google '€559 Patima rx100' there are a few online stores with this price. Cheapest I've found so far. Mostly German stores..?
  8. Thanks Dustin. Can't wait to get more practice, thats only the footage I brought home, I should've really sifted through it all better before choosing what to bring back. And typically, the best things I saw were when I was leading and had no camera. Gutted. But cheers, nice forum, love watching peoples videos and hearing about tips and techniques. P.S. Your videos are ace!
  9. A fair point. Looking at the costs for future add-ons is quite important to me. I wont be able to afford any additional goodies for the next 6 months at least, though I may be able to borrow and try out some. As it stands, I'm looking at RX100's and Patima housings (having read many topics on this camera and the many choice of housings). I think this will be the one for me, a decent Aluminium housing and a great camera, all for around £800. thanks for all the help guy's. My hunt is almost over..! I would've liked an LX7, but the lack of housing choice is a bit of a shame (compared to RX100/G15/S110). I've no doubt a Nauticam housing is great and well worth the money, I am just simply really financially restrained at the moment, and 800 was my absolute max budget (for both). Not much wiggle room, and not that realistic, but I think I can pull it off. Just about.. Thanks for all the suggestions, I should change the name of this topic to "g15 alternatives.." And once again, awesome blog Interceptor, google keeps leading me right back to it.
  10. Hey there, Some really nice video's posted in here and some good suggestions too, so figured I'd give it a go. Just put together a little vid of my best clips from Koh Tao this year. More for my family/friends instead of bombarding facebook with screenshots of all the critters I saw. I only started filming properly in January, so I've still got a lot to learn, but feel free to check it out and critique. I doubt I'll do another version just yet anyway, as I said, it's only for personal use and I had to steal work computers to edit! Hope ya enjoy..!
  11. Awesome! Hoping to grab my own RX100 soon, can only hope to have such nice subjects. Very nice! ~Z~
  12. Ok, thanks. Sorry to keep bugging, I just really want my first little set up before I get back in the water. And every time I settle on a choice, something I notice last minute sets me back to zero. Happened again last night with the RX100. Manual focus during video is a real bonus that I'd love to have, and only tehe LX7 and Rx100 seem to have it? I do intend on using it for video mainly, with a little dabble in photography here and there. I read a few previous blogs on the RX100 including your own and it seems great, I also found the Patima housing pretty cheap for an ali, so figured that'd be the one to go for. But alas, you said the RX100 does not have ND filter, is poor at macro and no custom WB in video mode (though you've included many handy work-around tips on your blog, thanks!). Are these deal breakers, or do you think its still worth getting an RX100 with a Patima housing as a relatively cheap compact video solution?? All of these high end compact camera's seem to have a down side that the others pick up on. Is it simply a case of choosing which feature you can live without? How wrong I was to hope I could have it all and a housing with all features all for max £800..
  13. Crap, you're right. Back to the drawing board. Every time I make my decision... Where did you get your Nauticam from if you don't mind me asking? I don't think I can justify (or afford) spending about £1000 on a compact system When there's options like the S110 and ikelite available. Argh! The LX7 looks ideal too. Right, thanks for all your help. I'm back to google I guess.. Shame there isn't an alternative housing that has all functions available. Truly gutted.
  14. Hmm you're right. I was drawn in by the g15's reputation and photo prowess, but having reviewed my options (and got slightly side tracked looking at Lumix GH2's...) I think you're recommended LX7 is probably the best choice for me. And now I've a choice between an Ikelite ~£350 or a Nauticam ~£610(If I can get it from the states and avoid tax). May I ask where you got yours from? I've read a lot of your blog concerning the lx7 too, some good advice and videos, I think I'd probably go for the ikelite as its almost half the price and comes with a m67 thread too, and maybe spend the spare cash on the nauticam wetmate (do you know if it will it fit the Ikelite?)
  15. Hey Alex/Interceptor, My Nauticam housing price was one my godfather in the states offered me as 'special price for you'. Though it was a limited time offer and is still a bit expensive for me. The NA-g15 is my ideal option if I'm honest, though when you go up the higher end of the spectrum, they all seem to be rather similar, and just aesthetically different (no?). Thanks guy's, in my g15 research I have come across the RX100, LX7 and S110 as the main comparable cameras, and have read/watched many a review comparing them. I've managed to borrow an S110 in Ikelite housing which was really nice, but it lacked the extra external controls I was keen to get used to, though my friend is very happy with it, I'd recommend it on behalf of her. I also had my other friend practically try sell me his LX7, as he reckoned it was a better option to the RX100. I agree with you interceptor, the RX100 in particular seems to be a more popular choice for video (which is my main interest), but with what I intend to use it for (myself..) I just feel I don't need the extra oomph in the res and colour space that the RX100 has, though I would definitely benefit from the extra macro capabilities (due to lack of funds for macro lenses) and slow mo functions that the G15 has, and again, I really want to get used to externally controlling my settings as quick as possible. Menu's drive me mad when I'm trying to be quick. I agree with the lack of m67 thread being a real downer on the Fantasea, but I'm sure I could come up with some way to get around it if I was that determined (some quite good tutorials on Youtube, warranty voiding, of course). But its an option I have to consider due to money, meaning that its unlikely I could afford add-ons in the near future anyway. The Ikelite is another option if I get it with the 67 threaded port, though that limits the zoom range slightly, I'm not sure how much that would affect me. I'm eagerly awaiting Adam's review. Thanks a lot guy's. I appreciate it!
  16. Awesome, looking forward to it. Thanks Adam
  17. Aloha, I've just posted a little about myself in the introductions forum so I'll try not to repeat myself too much here, as am sure I will end up posting more than I intend to. Skip sections as necessary. (About me:) I've been working as an underwater videographer for the last 4 months in Thailand but have come home to save some money for a couple of months, with the intention of buying a camera. My first camera (besides a GoPro, which I've lost a lot of faith in). I was lucky enough to try many camera's whilst out there and talk to many professionals/regulars about their kit of choice. I'm someone who likes to do a ton of research before they commit to something pricey. That being said, I'm also a sucker for making my mind up early on, and then being too stubborn to want to change it. (About the Camera:) I've got my eye on the Canon G15. Having fallen in love with my friends g12, I honestly feel its the best choice for me right now. I'm keen to try my hand at more photography, though video is where my true passion lies. I've read a ton of reviews and am really happy with the sound of the g15, and even got to borrow a friends for a while (on land). Just to be on the safe side, I figured it might be a good idea to ask for advice that anyone may have, just incase I'm about to make a disastrous mistake. My budget can't stretch for a DSLR or anything too high end right now, but I need something with more control than a compact so I think the G15 seems like a good option for me. (About a Housing:) I've also done a ton of research on housings, before I settled on my preferred camera. However my budget is quite limited. I've used a few Ikelite's and, though they did sometimes drive me mad, they are relatively cheap and robust. Here is a short list of a few housings I've considered, in order of the cheapest available prices I've found: Fantasea £330 Ikelite £420 Patima £610 Nauticam £675 Recsea £680 In all honesty, I'd love an aluminium housing, but I'm tempted to suck it up and go for the fantasea as money is a huge deciding factor here, I do look after my kit, and it has the option for the Bigeye wet lens for £170ish (if anyone has an opinion on that too?) as add-ons wont be an affordable option for me with the other housings. If anyone has any advice on a housing in particular it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, my money is quite limited, it is my first camera so I'm not looking to go pro right away, I just need something cheap and diverse for the next year or so. Thanks for reading, apologies for blabbing. ~Z~
  18. Hey everyone, I'm also a bit of a lurker, though only for the last 6 months. Some great advice and interesting topics here written by some pretty talented people. I'm a fellow ocean lover with a soft spot for classic marine documentaries. I'm more into video and just spent 4 months working as an underwater videographer on Koh Tao, though the word 'videographer' seemed to carry a bit of a bad stigma there, I loved ever minute nonetheless! Diving with a camera is my favourite sort of diving, no matter if I'm doing a wreck or UV dive, I don't know what to do with myself or my hands when I'm left without. Also interested in getting into a bit of photography, though my soft spot is for making video's. I may post my Koh Tao 'best bits' vid in some other section soon for some advice. Currently in the market for my first camera (tired of borrowing!), so heading to that section now. Looking forward to absorbing more wisdom of wetpixel. Cheers.
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