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  1. Hi fletcher, Can I have your email address? Will discuss further with you on your offer. Thanks and regards
  2. Thanks Fletcher, I will respond to you once I get to see the picture of the housing. Btw, I would assume that you can help me to arrange the freight via FedEx under freight collect basis. Regards Sam
  3. Hi fletcher, Let me get your msg correctly. Firstly, i guess you are selling only the housing together with all zoom gears, including Tokina Len 10-17 and sync cords except the camera, right? If possible, can you post a picture for those items included for sales. Secondly, i need to know whether you will pay for shipping cost foe freight to KL, Malaysia and how do I pay the payment to you if I would confirm the order. Regards Sam
  4. Hi, I am interested in your gears. Do you cover the shipping cost to Kuala Lumpur and how do I make payment to me? Thanks
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