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  1. Hi all - you may have seen a few posts of mine here. I am in the midst of deciding what camera to get. I was wondering if anyone had a housing (any brand) from the Nikon D600/D610 they wanted to sell? Cheers, Lloyd
  2. Hi Gavin, i would be really interested in purchasing this setup. Is it possible to arrange postage to Australia? Cheers, Lloyd
  3. Hi there, If you live in Australia and are trying to offload a housing for the Nikon D600/D610 then let me know. Open to different brands, I am just trying to see if there is anything out there at the moment. Cheers, Lloyd
  4. Hi, If anyone is interested I am selling my Ikelite D7100 housing on eBay in Australia. It's hardly used and it's last dive was in fresh water so it's in excellent as-new condition, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ikelite-6801-71-Underwater-Housing-for-Nikon-D7100-DSLR-Camera-In-Australia-/271397122585?pt=AU_Digital_Cameras&hash=item3f30877219&_uhb=1
  5. So I ended up buying the D610, couldn't be happier with the camera - it's amazing. However I can now difinitivly say the D610/D600 does not fit in the Ikelite housing for the D7100. It doesnt even come close, considering how similar the cameras look, the D610 is actually significantly bigger.
  6. Hi all, My name is Lloyd and I am new to the forums. My current setup is a Nikon D7100 in an Ikelite housing. When I am not underwater my backup body is a D90. I'd love to have a back up camera that would also work in my housing and I don't really want 2 x D7100's when I could use the money to get an FX camera. Does anyone have and could they test trying a Nikon D600 in a D7100 Ikelite housing or visa versa? I am hopeful that it may fit! They look almost identical except for slight differences in the dimensions and the Ikelite housing and the controls have a bit of room to move so it might just be possible? I have read a previous thread on this forum about this before but there was never a conclusion - so I was hoping 1 or more members who are friends have the combined gear to try it out Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, My name is Lloyd - new to posting on the forum but I have been reading it for a long time. Nice to be here. Cheers
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