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  1. How beautiful! Where was this? What time of year? How big? We have many sea jellies in Florida and they seem more prominent in the Fall. They don't look like yours though
  2. I noticed filamentous algae covering the Turtle Grass (Thalassia testudinum) in the mixing zone. There were healthy seagrasses and macro algae outside the mixing zone. Cable Beach (Bahamar Project) New Providence Island, Bahamas. See attached photos.
  3. St. Pete Beach on the west coast of Florida near St. Petersburg.
  4. I found these washed up on the beach after Tropical Storm Andrea June 7th. I know they are not Whelk or True Tulip egg cases. Does anyone know what they might be?
  5. Yes, I think so too! Thank you! BTW, your Flickr photos are amazingly beautiful. You sure do travel to some exotic places
  6. I used to think these were anemones but now I'm not so sure. They may be a Zoanthids. Please help me ID these if you can. Thanks! if you can. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the info! The description does mention Tampa Bay and burying in the sand. They are common in the Tampa Bay area and I have seen them in the sand for years.....
  8. No, it's upside right and it's more like a Netted Sea Star Luidia clathrata. Thanks for your thoughts though
  9. I found this sea star on the beach after Tropical Storm Andrea. It is a common sea star in the Tampa Bay area on the west coast of Florida. Is anyone familiar with it, and can tell me what kind it is? Thank you for your time and expertise This is my first post so any words of wisdom would be appreciated...
  10. How do I post a request with a picture?
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