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    Olympus OMD EM5
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    Nauticam NA EM5
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  1. Just to let you know that Olympus has repaired successfully my OMD and now, the camera works properly inside the fantastic Nauticam housing. They replaced the cracked LCD, glued properly the mode dial and fixed the internal problem and everything is ok now. Thank you all for your help!!
  2. Since my camera has the infamous small cracking on the LCD, I'm sending my camera to the Olympus service to change the LCD and to test the mode dial too. I think you are correct, perhaps my camera is the problem and not the Nauticam housing! Thanks, I'll post here the outcome of this strange problem.
  3. Yesterday I've mounted the camera without the eye cup, but the problem persisted. I've contacted with the seller and I'm awaiting a solution now. The good news is that they seems very optimistic about the quality of Nauticam support. Thanks for the comments!
  4. I really thinks that I mount the camera correctly but will check again just in case. The problem appears only while diving, not before or after, when I surface. I really can see the wheel making contact with the dial looking through the back window of the housing. Is not loss of contact for sure. If you press horizontally the mode dial of a OMD, the camera enters on iAuto mode so seems like the mode wheel of the housing is pressing too much when the pressure increase. I think that the housing needs a little adjustement.
  5. Uh... I don't remove the eye cup! It is really necessary?
  6. Please note that my problem is not loss of contact with the mode dial but too much push! Incidentally I've found the problem playing with the mode dial. If you push it horizontally, there is some contact somewhere and the camera enters in iAuto mode. Aparently under pressure, the wheel of the housing is pushing too much the mode dial. I guess the rubber in the wheel of the housing is too thick. Not sure what to do now, changing the rubber can void the warranty of the housing...
  7. Hello! I have a OMD with the Nauricam housing since last week. I'm very happy with this gear but I'm having problems operating the mode dial of the OMD underwater. Whenever I'm below 5 or 6 meters and move the wheel of the Nauticam housing, the camera change to iAuto mode and I can't switch back to any other mode. If I surface, then the mode can change. I can see the dial rotate but the mode just don't switch! Not sure what is the problem. Anybody has experienced the same problem? Any solution? Regards!
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