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  1. Still available with new price: 1.000€ or best offer.
  2. For sale are 2 very well preserved and freshly serviced Subtronic Nova flashes / strobes with an output of 270 watt / seconds. The strobes were for service at Subtronic in the summer of 2021. Among other things, new O-rings were installed and the plate at the back was changed in on one of the strobes. Both flashes have 2 Nikonos 5 sockets each. The batteries are located in the flash arm, which makes the buoyancy behavior and handling of the flashes very pleasant and also enables taking the strobes inside a plane. The performance of the flashes is well above what is possible with current flashes with AA batteries. This means that there is sufficient power available for taking pictures against the sun. The package consists of: - 2 Flashes Subtronic Nova - 2 flash arms (with integrated battery) - 4 clamps - 2 Nikonos V cables - 2 chargers - 2 neoprene covers - Optional: 1x Heinrichs and Weikamp RSU (Remote Strobe Trigger for N5) Price 1.300€ or nearest offer. Shipping and payment via Paypal is possible. Article is located in Hamburg/Germany.
  3. new Price: 2600€ for the complete bundle or 2250€ for the housing.
  4. I am Selling a Housing from the Company Easydive (Leo 3 WI). The Housing fits a lot of different cameras, only a different tray for the camera is needed. So it is future proof if you consider upgrading later on. The housing is at the moment configured for a Sony A7 R III AND Sony A7 III. I used the housing with a sigma 15mm on metabones adapter. The housing is working totally fine and was not used very much. I’d like to sell it, because for my type of photography and using it doesn’t fit to my camera handling. I bought the housing in the beginning of 2021! For other configurations, another extension ring might be necessary https://www.easydive.it/en/underwater-housing/mirrorless/leo3-wi.224.html The standard Buttons are: on the front: Autofocus and shutter on the back: Movie Record Aperture up and down Shutter Speed up and down ISO up and down switch button (to get access to an additional button layout) off Button The depth rating of that setup ist 150 (!) meters. The set includes: Housing (Price New: 2590€) (including 1 battery and a charger and 1x Nikonos 5 connector) additional manual Optical Trigger (159€) 2x Ballheads attached to the housing (52€) Display protection Foil(10€) Tray / Handle with another ball head (63€) spare battery (58€) Bajonett Protection Plug (18€) Developer Kit (87€) (for updating housing for other cameras) Firmware Upgrade (for an addional camera. Original set for A7R III, A7III was added as an addition) (150€) Housing Price new complete: 3.186€ Offered price: 2.350€ Dome port bundle additional (will sell separately if housing is sold): Dome port 160mm acrylic (499€) Extension ring 15mm (140€) Port Protection Cap (18€) Price new: 657€ Price now: 500€ Price complete bundle: 2.750€ also included but done as DIY: Monitor hood small (original one would be ~ 57€) Monitor large (~45°) (not available commercially) (not in the picture) Hood for Dome port (not in the picture) The article is located near Hamburg (Germany). Pickup and Paying Cash is possible. Shipping is possible. Paypal via bank transfer or paypayl is possible. send me a PM or an email: julian.muehlenhaus@googlemail.com
  5. Bump new price 950€ for the bundle (without camera) or 1200€ (for everything including camera, a few CF Cards)
  6. Bumb... New Price 1400€ for the Housing and there is an Option for additional CF Cards (8x16 GB + 4x 8GB) and maybe a Sigma 15mm 1:2.8 (only if sold as a bundle)
  7. I am selling an underwaterhousing for a Canon 5D Mark II (Manufacturer UK Germany /( Uwe Kiehl Germany). All camera functions can be used underwater. The included 45° viewfinder enlarges the viewfinder and is 270° turnable. (The viewfinder is equal to the Subal viewfinder). Ther viewfinder makes it easy to take pictures close to the ground or shooting upwards. For transportation the viewfinder can be removed and easily mounted again. There are 2 Nikonos Bulkheads screwed in the housing. Regarding Ports there are two included: 1.) 180mm Glass-Domeport with a few scratches, which you do not see in the pictures. Also there is a crack in the holding area of the upper shade, which doesn't affect the usability of the port. Also there is a 60mm Port-Spacer. A 15mm Fisheye (Canon / Sigma) can be used without the spacer. A canon 17-40 / 16-35 1:2.8 (I) / Sigma 15-30mm can be used with the 60mm spacer. For a 17-40 a zoom ring is also included. 2.) A Planport (PP105) with a length of 105mm. This one can be used with both Canon 100mm Macro lenses. There is also a M67 Lens adapter included. Price 1500€ ONO + shipping. For questions send me a PM or an email to: julian.muehlenhaus@googlemail.com Location of the housing is Germany, near Hamburg. A camera for that housing is also available for 350€ incl. Batteries, 1x 16GB CF Card (more are optional), Charger etc.)
  8. Hi, I am selling a brand new Dual Nikonos V Bulkhead for Nauticam Housings. I bought it for a housing, which was never bought after all... :-( It is located in Germany (near Hamburg) Price 100€ plus shipping + paypal fee. Shipping worldwide at buyers expense. Best regards Julian
  9. I'd like to sell a pair of Subtronic Pro 160 in used but working condition. The set includes: 2x Subtronic Pro 160 "ISR" incl. 25mm ball 2x Battery Arms 2,6ah including floats 3x Battery Arms 1,3ah 3x Nikonos 5 Strobe cables 4x clamps 2x charger For the condition, have a look on the pictures. Preise 1.450€ or nearest offer. Maybe willing to split, depending on offer. Shipping on buyers expense. Strobes are located in Germany, near Hamburg.
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