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  1. Hi, Would be interested to buy: Housing, Strobes, Arms, Dome port with converter What would you ask for those? Thank you! Please PM!
  2. Would you be interested in selling one of the two?
  3. Hi! Would you be interested in selling just the DS161, battery & charger? How much! Also where you located? Thanks!
  4. Hi! Is it still available? Where will you post it from? How much would the cost be to send it to Athens-Greece? Thank you!
  5. Hi! Interested in the strobe. Could you pls check the cost to send it to Athens-Greece? Thank you!
  6. Hi! Where would you be posting them from? Thank you, Carolin
  7. Hi! Why are you selling it? Would you send it to Athens-Greece? You can contact me by email as well: carolinnegrin@gmail.com Thank you!
  8. Hi! Would you sell the housing separetely? How much would you sell it? Also probably interested in the port for the 105 macro. Thank you!
  9. PM sent to trimix125 & arthropoda. Thank you for your posts!
  10. HI! Could Iplease have an estimated cost for the shipping to Athens-Greece? Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone! I would like to buy a housing for my Nikon D300. Preferably Ikelite (due to the price). Ports and strobes are also welcome, but not necessary. I would also consider buying a D700 plus an Ikelite housing. Thank you very much for helping out! Contact me here or better by e-mail: carolinnegrin@gmail.com Carolin
  12. Hi! Is the package still available? Thanks!
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