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  1. I am still looking for one of these housings if there are any available
  2. I'm struggling to produce pictures of low enough resolution to attach. Please message me and I will forward them to you.
  3. Photos of the lens aren't showing up in you post.

    Also, where are you located and if not US can you estimate shipping to zip code 44224?

    Or email me at davidhaas4596@gmail.com


    1. OllyB


      Hi, I don't know what's happened to the photos. I'm in the UK and postage to the US would be about £20


  4. Inon uwl-100 m67 type 2 wide angle lense. Good condition, one very small imperfection in front lense but there is no trace of it in photos. £100 + p&p
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a nauticam housing for my partner, she keeps eyeing mine up and I'm afraid it's going to be cameraknapped. She has a Canon g7x mk1 and I'm only looking for a nauticam housing, na-g7x. Ideally with tray, left and right handles, triger and vaccum valve. I'm located in the UK. Thanks Olly
  6. Hi Looking for a z240 type 4 inon strobe, medium inon float arm and a nauticam right handle for flex tray with ball. Located in the UK. Thanks Olly
  7. For sale Patima S95 housing and camera. Does not include inon tray base as pictured. The insulation tape hood is an ir film over the flash which stops ghosting thought the port. Excellent condition, will come with spare o ring and Patima grease. Also have sync cord for inon flash available. £400 Ashford, Kent [/url]
  8. Do you know what, I hadn't thought of that. I'll email them today...... Thanks for your help.
  9. Cool, i'll try blocking any space in the port. Interceptor121, the whole internals and externals of the housing are silver........... ChrigelKarrer - I cant see how I can force the flash to stay popped up without leaving the camera on all the time and the battery is not that good......
  10. Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding flash photography with my Patima Housing. I've been taking photos underwater using natural light for a couple of years now and have been getting some good results so I thought I would treat myself to a strobe. I have a Cannon S95 with a Patima housing and an Inon z240 strobe. When shooting in STTL and aperture or shutter priority I am getting a "Ghost" on the photo where the internal flash is leaking through the lens port, this is particularly pronounced in darker scenes. I have seen that Inon do a clear photo system which avoids this, however, as the S95 has a pop up flash they do not support this camera, has anyone got any hints or tips to avoid this? Many thanks in advance Olly
  11. Hi I'm Olly Based in the UK and enjoy both uk and warmer water diving. Been taking photos for 2 yrs now, starting to get some decent results..........
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