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  1. My Subal ND800 housing went for a walk awhile back and I've decide not to replace it. I have some items I am going to go ahead and unload if anyone is interested. Slide in Camera Tray, Nikon 60mm lens flat port, Teleport (extension ring), Subal to Sea & Sea sync cords, 1 bulk head oring Will to sell seperately or as a group, make any reasonable offer and they are yours. All of these items have been used less than 20 dives (1 trip to Little Cayman) and are in very excellent condition (they would pass for new if I wasn't honest). I understand this is a used forum so I am not looking to get what I paid for them as I am not going to buy a new Subal housing anytime soon; so I just want to get them out of my Camera Case. I don't check on here too often feel free to email me if needed. I've attached pictures of the slide and tele port, i can snap some of the lense port, cords and orings if needed. Schott
  2. I have a Canon G11, Ikelite housing with a Ikelite DS161 Strobe as a complete package. Looking to get $1500 for the package, will split up if the offers are right for the individual pieces. Whats in the package: Canon G11 Camera 2 Canon Battery chargers 2 Canon batteries Strap All paperwork on the camera with original box Ikelite Housing Ikelite DS161 Strobe w/ Charger All items are like new, housing and strobe was used on 1 diving trip to Fiji. Schott
  3. How about $250, the shipping isn't included in the price anyway. It is a spare housing for a camera I'm about to retire.
  4. JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Compact Video with Video Light Package Dive into underwater videography with this incredibly compact and simple to use package. The Compact Video housing is high quality, built to last, and backed by Ikelite's long-standing reputation for excellence. A full line of accessories allows you to really get creative with your underwater video. All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200ft (60m). Easy open latch and drop in camera loading make set-up a breeze. When the sun isn't quite there for you, the Pro-V8 LED Video Lite gives all the light you need to bring out the ocean's true colors. The Pro-V8 features a warm, even 45 beam over 10-hour burn time. The flex arm allows the light to be repositioned effortlessly. Ready to Use Package Deal includes :- Compact Video Housing with JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Video Camera Pro-V8 LED includes Pro-V8 lite head, alkaline batteries, flex arm and video housing handle mount Video Compact Tray Comes with carrying bag (black) $699.00
  5. This is a used but just factory serviced Ikelite autoflash AF35. Asking $200.00
  6. For Sale: 1 used Ikelite Housing for a Canon G11 Digital Camera. Camera not included. Molded crystal clear polycarbonate for corrosion free to depths of 200ft (60m) This was just factory serviced and has not been in salt water since. $300.00
  7. This strobe has been sold!
  8. I've resent the email this morning to the email in the pm,as well I answered the question in thereply from the pm as well. The strobe is located in Melbourne, FL, my direct email is schott@sealevelscuba.com
  9. One of the problems they may have is if they cannot prove they actually had coverage for the premiums collected. As I read so many of these posts and stories of deceit, I would be surprised if there was an actual underwriter to stand behind the claims, perhaps what claims were being paid was from the renewals of the uninformed collectively. Good luck with insurance in the future as there just isn't a lot of choices out there that is cost effective.
  10. I'll drop the price to $700
  11. I have a single Sea and Sea YS250 Pro strobe with charger. This strobe has never been used outside of testing it in the house, never been in the water. I have went to using the YS-D1 strobes due to weight and traveling. I am looking to get $750.
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