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  1. Thanks for your answer Jock. Right, but for me battery life isn't actually a problem. I'm also aware that recycle time is much faster when set to minimum. And that's the main reason I want to control flash manually. Recycle time in fill-in mode is very slow...
  2. Alex, thanks for sharing. Amazing result with the 12-50. I'm also wondering how the SMC is working with the 60mm macro. Now I have a +5 from Aquatica. Maybe I should switch...
  3. I want to come back to flash settings. I have two INON S2000 strobes, connected via regular fiber optic cables to my OMD EM5 in the Nauticam Housing. Usually i set the strobes to 'STTL-position' and set the camera flash to 'fill-in' in M mode. Now I want to have more control on flash as well. So I tried to set camera flash to manual and INON S2000 also in STTL mode. This worked fine for me. I am now changing flash power by the OMD, not the strobes. But I read in a few posts here in this tread, that one should set the strobes to 'manual mode' and the flash-power to 'minimum' and control flash power on the INON strobes. For me, this is not working as good as my settings (camer = manual, INON S2000 = STTL). BTW: I think controlling flash-power on the camera is much more handy than on the tiny levers on the stobes Am I wrong with this, do I have to change someting on my strobes? Wondering how you guys are shooting with you OMD and INON S2000 strobes.
  4. I'm going to buy the Panasonic 8mm FE for my OM-D. Now I'm not sure about what dome to buy: the 4.33 or the 3.5 from Nauticam. I'm not sure about the size of the 4.33. I really want to keep my rig compact. And therefore, the 3.5 seems quite adequate. Could anyone please post (or send) a picture of the NA-EM5 with the 3.5 and with the 4.33. I didn't find some on the internet...And my dealer is some hours away. Would be great to see some pics and not driving hours just to see/compare the sizes. Thanks!
  5. I got my NA-EM5 housing this week and I am very, very happy with it. Especially the 1250 port & gear is great. The engineers from Nauticam did an amazing job. Also the M67 flip is great and easy to apply. Together with the 60 macro for me it's almost a perfect setup. But I need an additional WA lens for landscape, wrecks and so on. Also for on land pictures. I don't want to assemble the 1250 gear all the time, so it just stays on the lens for forever I'm thinking about the Oly 9-18. So I went trough all the posts of this topic but didn't find a lot of information regarding this lens with the 4" Nauti Dome. Most of the guys are using the Pana 7-14. But this lens is much more expensive and the 6" Nauti Dome seems much bigger than the 4". And yes, there is the 8mm FE, very nice lens but not actually a good lens for overwater...And due to the $-situation my priority is a WA-zoom lens which is also nice for on land pictures, underwater video. And for the moment, I don't want to buy 2 more ports, 1 more is enough Is there anyone who's using the 9-18 with the 4" who could give me some advise? Or should I forget about that lens and go with the 7-14? For me the 9-18 is also interesting because of the short minimal focus distance (0.15m).
  6. By the way, could someone please post a picture of his NA-EM5 housing with the mounted Nauticam 3.5" Dome? I'm wondering about the size of the port. Didn't find a picture of housing & port so far. Would be great!
  7. Thanks for all your answers. Phil, these plugs look really nice. I'll have to find a european company selling them - shipping costs
  8. Great, thank you very much! Wasn't sure and didn't find sample pics with connected INON strobes...I'm looking forward to be a part of the EM5 community
  9. I did read almost all of the posts in this very interesting and informing thread. But I didn't find the answer to my question: Actually, I want to buy the NA-EM5, now reading a lot of stuff (what to buy, what to consider). But I still don't know how I can connect my two INON S2000 strobes with my optical cables having "no end" (cut-off). It seems like there are only the Sea&Sea plugs...Or are there two tiny holes for my sort of cables? Andreas
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