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  1. Does this earn me any additional badge upgrade from Sea Nettle?
  2. All Be aware of what appears to be a user attempt to scam us by having us enter our login credentials on what seems to be a fake site. The user 'Orion34' is sending phishing scams via direct message. The message reads: Orion34 has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "Hello". Orion34 said: ====================================================================== Hello I am very interested in purchasing your item, But first click on my link and log in to see if there is anything you will like for a trade. http://wetpixel.nut.cc/forums/login.htm Thanks The link he directs us to is not our site although it looks identical. Clearly the URL and security certificate raise flags: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v214/leichenb/phishing_zpsjmnhi1le.png I've reported this via our site and hopefully, if I'm correct, the user can be blocked... just be aware!!
  3. JUST SERVICED!! Service Details: CAN 50D Sn: 0320110352 Initial observation: Received camera 3/16/17 REPAIR: TESTED ALL FUNCTIONS CAMERA WORKS FINE REPAIR COMPLETED: 3/20/17 Performed DSLR 17 point maintenance. 17 point maintenance includes: - Clean Image Sensor - Clean External Viewfinder - Clean Camera Body - Clean Mirror - Clean Focus Screen - Clean External LCD Surface - Check Moving parts (buttons, doors, latches) - Check Operation of Hot Shoe - Check Memory Card Insertion and Removal - Check Lens Attachment and Removal - Check Camera/Lens Communication - Perform Image Test (check exposure and shutter speed) - Verify Camera Shutter Count (30,015) - Check Internal Error Messages (Cleared errors) - Check Operation of Terminals and Jacks - Tighten External Screws StartFragment EndFragment - Verify Firmware Version and Update if Applicable CAN EFS 17-85 StartFragment EndFragment Sn: 23715599 Initial observation: Received lens 3/16/17 Repair: Replaced power aperture diaphragm assembly.( CAN YG2-2169-010) Repaired and cleaned focus drive mechanism Repaired and lubricated zoom helical assembly Repair completed: 3/20/17 Perform 10 point lens maintenance: CLEAN EXTERNAL LENS OPTICS CLEAN EXTERNAL LENS BODY CHECK LENS ATTACHMENT AND REMOVAL CHECK CAMERA/LENS COMMUNICATION CHECK EXTERNAL LENS BARREL CHECK OPERATION OF FOCUS, IRIS AND ZOOM RINGS CHECK OPERATION OF TRIPOD COLLAR (If Applicable) CHECK APERTURE FUNCTION PERFORM IMAGE TEST (Check Exposure and Shutter Speed) TIGHTEN EXTERNAL SCREWS NOTES: Front and Rear element are clean and scratch free. The AF and Zoom are smooth. The IS (Image Stabilization) functions fine. Manual Focus is smooth. The lens is sharp at all focal lengths and apertures. Zoom ring works fine.. StartFragment EndFragment Manual Focus is smooth.
  4. Adding some photos (more available)..
  5. Complete Canon Dive Camera Setup Ikelite 6870.50 50D housing, original box, zoom gears, housing, tray Ikelite 5503.90 port for 17-85, original box and neoprene port cover Canon 50D camera, original box, part of a kit that included 18-200 lens, not included, manual Canon 17-85 lens, original box Canon 55-250 lens, original box Asking $1400 Optional Add-On Ikelite DS-51 Strobe : Excellent Condition : $200 Fastest Replies: Send a PM with phone, email or text number...
  6. If not sold on eBay let me know if you'd consider splitting out the arms an TTL cord...
  7. Interested in strobes... shipping to 07047.... Reply back please...
  8. Will you split out strobes? Message me back if so...
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