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  1. Hi all! Have some queries with regard to underwater lenses. I'm still quite new to these. Do you attach them before you enter the water or after you enter? Is the arrangement air tight as in water will not creep into the space between the housing and the lens? If so, will there be a differential pressure when you go deeper? Will this damage the lens? Cheers for any answers!
  2. you might be able to get the cameras but it is highly unlikely you will be able to find underwater photography equipment. as for prices, it could be slightly cheaper but based on the last time i was there, the prices of elctronic equipment seems to be more ex than what you will get if you go to the electronic stores in singapore.
  3. i would hold out for the Oly cos it has good reviews from most of the owners and therefore is a tried and tested product...just my 2 cents
  4. oops! I thought you were talking abt the lenses? For the camera, I not too sure about indonesia, but you can get these online as well as from singapore...if you make a trip to the island.
  5. Hi there, I'm not indo but lives in SE Asia. Have been thinking about getting these lenses and appears that as they are new products, they are presently not widely available. One way is to order online from underwaterdigital. If you have friends in Hong Kong, you can get these lenses much much cheaper than what you will have to pay online. Good Luck!
  6. I'm using a canon s600 for my digital photos and they print great! Had no problem with the quality whatsoever! Have fun!
  7. Hi all! I'm interested in getting a Oly4040 and PT-010 setup. Presently, I am looking at possible macro lenses and wide angle lenses for this setup. I have been to the underwaterdigital website and seen that they are offering the INON and Oly macro lenses. The Oly lenses specifications states that it has a 6 times magnification. How does this compare with the 2T or 3T sea and sea macro lenses? One reason I am looking at these lenses is that it appears that they are designed for the PT-010 lenses and that other lenses like those of sea and sea requires zooming in of the camera to prevent the ringing effect for the macro lenses. Do you have any recommendations for lenses with the Oly4040/PT-010 setup? Thanks in advance and happy diving/snapping!
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