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  1. valentini puffer i could punch myself that this one is slightly out of focus at the eyes... some are edited (cropped, contrast), but not for backscatter - i will do this once i shoot better pics. standard lens 14-42 micro four thirds was used.
  2. 3 dives off whale island, nha trang province first time with my new e-pl3 in oly housing with fantasea nano flash. no wetlenses, no filters.
  3. nice shot! you can try these: http://www.reeflex.net/kategorie/55.html http://www.starfish.ch/c-invertebrates/commensal-shrimps.html#octocorals lebbeus family looks similar: http://www.starfish.ch/Fotos/crustaceans-Gliederfuesser/shrimps-Garnelen/Lebbeus-sp1-1.jpg identifying the coral first can also be the first step to the latin name as some are limited to certain coral species. greetings martin
  4. hello! as someone who has only 30 dives and did some simple photography and video in the last 6 of those, i can totally recommend one thing i did on my stay in bali: hop into the water as often as possible for some snorkelling with your equipment. you will get used to its handling, ups and downs and might even get some shots. it also helped me experiment with perspective, settings and specimen spotting, without a) having to pay for a dive, b) having to think about pressure, deco, buddy.. i was snorkelling and diving down for about 3 hours a day, getting the routine with my equipment from changing/charging batteries, leak testing and changing camera settings. i continued to do this even when i started the scuba, it simply was too fascinating! greetings martin
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