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  1. Thanks, everyone, I'll try to do you proud! Joe K
  2. Hi, Visiting Wakatobi next month. Any thoughts on what to look for (I'm guessing tiny stuff). Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated. Checked out Bali customs stories, very nice. Thanks! Joe K D200 in S&S
  3. Hi, My Nikon 60mm 2.8D has disappeared (along w/ S&S gear). Any for sale? Thanks, Joe K
  4. Hi, Finally digital (D200 in S & S housing). General use lens w/ film was 60mm. Finding effective 90mm, a more specific use lens, though I could use dome, It set me to wondering about macro zooms (i.e. sigma). Have any of you found useful? Sharp @ different lengths? 1/3 tight enough? As an aside any experience w/ S & S 110 strobe? Thanks! Joe K
  5. Hi! I've been enjoying Wet pixel since Eric invited me to check it out @ Dema (best tip in dismal Houston show). I havn't participated as I've been a film luddite (aside from weighing in on salvage issue, once). Going to Dema to pu housing (finally!). Then I'll join the dialoge w/ gusto. THanks, Joe K
  6. Hi, My two cents (euros?): Make sure that images rights are retained & usage limits are spelled out. Having said that, go for it! I judge in one particular contest & always look for the most unique, well exicuted images. Even common subjects (we don't all get to see pigmy sea horses mid- synronised- swimming routine) done in a fresh, technically pricise fashon, get my support. Regards, Joe K
  7. Hi, Some random thoughts (the only kind I have, generally) on the whole salvage thing. As a NE wreck diver I used to share the artifact obsession. If a wreck has salvage rights, or is historically designated, it should be left alone. Most divable wrecks (in my area) are neither. Also, wrecks are not static, they change, collapse, disintergrate. They will never be systimatically excavated under the auspicies of an archealogist (as w/ the Monitor, for instance). I'd prefer not to see major visual elements, salvaged. Years ago, the U-853 (near Block Isl.) had it's deck gun ripped of by salvors, eliminating a great visual feature & photo oportunity forever. Plates, & miscillany, particurly stuff well into the interior, would eventually be lost forever. Some members of our wreck diving community have made a concerted effort to display artifacts (i.e. The Intepred Museum). While I still have the occaisional ship's bell dream, I've switched to photography as a keepsake, for 20 odd years now. However the blanket condemnation of artifact recovery, misses the mark as regards this issue (as did the artical/editorial). Great diving, Joe K
  8. Hi, Interested. I'm @ JKFW@JUNO.COM. Congrates on refinancing. Clearly your priorities are in order! Thanks Joe K
  9. hi, I'm interested, How would you be paid? Aside from lenses, is system ready to go? Embarresed to ask (I know its a good deal, but I wasn't expecting to buy anything) but is price firm? Thanks! Joe K
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