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  1. Any thoughts on this lens underwater performance versus the Sony 16-35gm? There's supposed to be a new version of the gm coming, kind of waiting for that before making a final decision but this lens is very tempting.
  2. Made a mistake on this listing, this is a 21155 with the lock on the inside, not the 22155 with the lock on the outside. Listing ending in a little over an hour!
  3. It's up on ebay, I'll end it for a buyer here...just shoot me a message! Auction
  4. Aloha, Not sure i ever used these, definitely no more than once. I've switched lenses to lighten my topside bag, so these are no longer needed. Like brand new, if not brand new. Nauticam SFE1224GM-Z zoom gear ($272 when new) Nauticam SFE1224GM-F focus gear ($272 when new) Nauticam 22155 N120 extension ring 55 II ($488 when new) No surprises, no issues. I'll ship insured 2 day Fedex. I can point you to feedback on Fred Miranda or Ebay, though I have bought and sold here with no problems. Paypal goods and services or I can send you an invoice to pay with a card. Asking $600 for all of it, would like to sell it together. I'll cover the fees and the shipping and can ship out same/next day. Would do a full or partial trade for the same parts for the 14gm. Thanks! Lyle
  5. Looking for a Retra Utrigger (U Trigger? U-trigger?). Thanks for any help! Lyle
  6. Just thought I would chime in on I-fiberoptics. I purchased 7m and was quoted $12 for shipping on the website. After the fact, they emailed and had me pay another $36 for shipping. It came in a padded envelope, and there was absolutely ZERO chance it cost $48 to ship it. The original $12 was very likely correct. So buyer beware with those guys, they may bait and switch you. Guessing they don’t like small orders. I will never buy from them again.
  7. Thanks! I'm going to try and diy something suggested by Kraken, I'll keep that in mind if it's not reliable. Appreciate it!
  8. All set, thanks. If anyone else is looking for the same dome hijodelmar may still have his, so shoot him a pm. I purchased elsewhere, through no fault of his.
  9. Another thanks for this thread, I'm going to make me own based on this info as well. Question, has anyone ever tried to split a cable to fire two strobes with something like this? Working on a project where I'd like to fire 3. I was going to use the recommended Asahi Kasei MCQ-1000. https://www.i-fiberoptics.com/couplers-detail.php?id=4 My thought is to use a heat knife to help create the best end I can to maximize the throughput (is the correct term amplitude?). Or is there a better way to fire a 3rd strobe? I'm using the Nauticam LED trigger and a7riv housing along with a pair of ys-d2j and an older ys-d1. The housing hasn't arrived yet, is it THIS along with the standard connection for the housing side? I also see this one, which looks perhaps like Backscatters version of the Nauticam one I linked to. Thanks all!
  10. Aloha, Still looking for a few Nauticam parts in good condition. Paypal at the ready, thanks! Lyle
  11. Looks like it's sold, I messaged him about the dome last week but got no response.
  12. Still looking, need: 230mm dome (Nauticam or Zen, I guess) 55mm extension 70mm extension Thanks!
  13. Seems I can't edit it any more, but still looking for most of this except the 50mm extension, need the 55mm. And need the 30mm. And don't need the 16-35 focus ring. Thanks! Lyle
  14. Hi there, stumbled on this thread and thought I'd revive it now that the sIII is close to fruition. Make any final decisions yet? A couple of thoughts. I've had great luck with the adapted Canon 8-15 on my rIII and rIV, I think you'll be happy with it. Another good option would be either of the 12-24 lenses for your splits. The G version is 20 oz and is great with the exception of flare resistance. The new GM is quite a bit more, and weighs 30oz but fixes the flare issue. I shoot with the 16-35gm underwater and frequently for splits and am really happy with it. That's a good choice as well. A lot of folks suggest the WACP and of course the new one is out as well, but those things are super heavy. I'd expect you'd not enjoy hauling it around. I don't know anything about how to make it work for splits. Finally, you did mention size is an issue but nothing beats a big dome for splits with a nice thin waterline. Matty Smith in Australia makes custom acrylic domes, they are pretty awesome. He does a 12" that really would be amazing for the splits. It's not super heavy because it's acrylic, but it is large and kind of a pain to pack. I've been using one for my Aquatech housing for a couple of years and really enjoy the shots from it. I'm picking up a Nauticam here and will spring for his 17" for that housing. Best of luck with it, hope the housing comes soon! Lyle
  15. Aloha, I'm looking for the following in excellent condition. Let me know, thanks! Shipping will be to the US, 96768. USPS priority is the best value generally. N120 230mm dome, 18812 N120 extension port 70, 21170 N120 extension port 50, 21150 35.5mm N100 to N120 port adapter, 37305 16-35 gm zoom ring, 37155 16-35 gm focus ring, 37156 Thanks so much, hope everyone is hanging in there these days! Lyle
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