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  1. What is #shearwater upto!!! More goodies on the horizon... http://t.co/y20EZavCEF

  2. RT @scubastrapp: Just crept over 10,000 likes on our Scuba Strapp Facebook page :-) http://t.co/5oTbcgTWZv #scuba #strapp #Facebook

  3. Best micro-four thirds lenses for mirrorless cameras for underwater photography|Underwater... http://t.co/QJrWlCEzsJ

  4. Having Birthday Alhambra. Hmmm! http://t.co/YfizZPDAtp


    #Suunto_DX for my Birthday! Whoo! Nice.


    #GoPro3Plus - great improvements!!! And the best thing - Same Form Factor! http://t.co/dBlHxGH7sK


  7. RT @TobyMoody: As promised, works HRC key ring giveaway time 🇯🇵🏁RT and I'll pick three 'Honda numbers' later tonight. Good luck 👍 http://…

  8. If @MotoGP penalize @marcmarquez93 for today's brush with Dani. It will be a disgusting manipulation of the championship.

  9. RT @simplyscuba: Please RT : Scuba Fans! Get 10% off Online and In-Store using the code: SEPT10 on all in-stock items! http://t.co/YYsXQU1…

  10. Amazing customer service from @PayPal today. Fighting #cardfraud

  11. I just uploaded "Tarifa - Las Calles" to Vimeo: http://t.co/HHjNUv4J7B

  12. I just uploaded "2nd August 2013 - GoPro Lighting" to Vimeo: http://t.co/4K27UbWhEA

  13. I just uploaded "2nd August 2013 - GoPro Lighting" to Vimeo: http://t.co/U4ml8kMwiY

  14. Me, my camera and the ocean. — feeling alive

  15. RT @RGPolice: #MissingPerson : Volunteers for a search at sea are to make their way to the Marine Base at 0730hrs. Please bring your own …

  16. The Artificial Reef that is upsetting the Spanish... http://t.co/ZttJ45Crmq

  17. What have the romans ever done for us??Well......they left some rather nice Amphoras to look at 45m down at... http://t.co/A32Dzmzivu

  18. On the other side of the lens.... http://t.co/2EGLaZiRj3

  19. Need 18650 Batteries for your LFM GoPro Kit? - Try here: http://t.co/wrDAINrqY1

  20. I just uploaded "21st July 2013 - Diving Tarifa" to Vimeo: http://t.co/hZNVUh79rg

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