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  1. Yeh, not many of us around mate:-) It's been a long time indeed. Must be time I got back into the water. The quality of the GH5 looks awesome and be good for traveling. Setting up a normal video camera in a housing it's just way over the top now days. Been using EDIUS everyday for years now shooting realestate vids, never misses a beat.
  2. HI folks, gee long time since I have been on here. :-) Looks like lots of old threads gone but good to see a few familiar names still here. Anyway the GH5 had me intrigued so I downloaded the clips I found in this thread to play around with. Placed them in a 10bit 1920/1080 EDIUS 8 Workgroup time line and applied its primary CC filter to them, wow you can really push them. The 3840/2160 138mbps 10 bit (29 and 24 frame files) could be played but i did have to drop the preview window res down. I also slowed down the 29 and 24 frame files by 50% using the EDIUS Optical flow. Then I rendered out a 1920/1080 35mbps H.264 file which was fast as EDIUS uses the H.264 encoder on the Intel chip. I use the resample method Lanczos 3 for the down conversion to 1920/1080. All this on a old Windows 7 i7-3.50 gig system with16gig ram. Anyhow, the quality of the Gh5 is very good, now you got me thinking of a new underwater setup :-) File I made is here if you want to download it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p47nvz3n3sfcvzg/TestGH5.mp4?dl=0
  3. Hey Nick, nice one mate. So no more zooming. Looks so nice and sharp. So I should sell my Mini DV set up now :-)
  4. O wow, 10 years now, where has the time gone to.? Thought I would have a look here. Some nice clips guys. The little Phantoms are prefect for nice steady shots alright and in GPS mode and are very simple to fly. I kind of moved on from my Phantom and build my own now Here is my latest design, yes I can fly it slow or hover it but it's just so much fun to fly like this. Will get it out over the reef soon.
  5. Nice little clip there Pepe, the NEX 10-18 mm is one very sharp wide lens. I have one for uptop video, my verticals are near on perfect full wide at 10mm sitll.
  6. Hey Simon, thats amazing mate you can pull it back that much.
  7. O dear its been ages since I have been here, hello to all that remember me :-). I see the topic of Multirotors has found its way here too. I have been building and flying them for a year now. Start off getting a Phantom with a gimbal, they are very easy to fly in GPS or ATTI mode. Then when you think you are good at flying, switch to full manual mode and learn to fly all over again. :-) From that flying FPV, via video goggles is something most end up wanting to do. Lets you do cool stuff like this, its a 600 gram mini runnig 5 inch props with a Mobius action camera. Flying these tiny Quadcopters is the perfect way to hone ones skils, once you fly a mini, flying the larger ones becomes rather easy. Will try to answer questions about them if you have any.
  8. Wow that is nice and sharp. Those croc shots were very nice.
  9. I just updated to EDIUS 6.5 and the new 7 64 bit. You can edit 8 bit as 10 bit (minimizing compression banding) and change the re sampling to a high quality when it comes time to render out a H.264 file for the net of Blu_Ray. It also uses intels (ivy or sandy bridge CPUs) built in H.264 encoder for super fast H.264 files. Also has a stabilizer filter that you can throw on a clip and still keep editing even on the clip you put the filter on as it works in the background. It will edit almost any video format in its native form real time and even mixed them all up together.
  10. True North is an amazing boat, if you can afford to go on it. :-) Yes lugging large cameras around in this day and age is getting to be a waste of time. A PMW 200 would of been perfect.
  11. HI guys. Have not been around here lately but thought you might like to see some highlights from a trip I did last year up to PNG and into Cenderawasih Bay on board the True North. Anyhow, I used EDIUS 6.5 and cut the Raw Canon 1920/1080 25p H.264 with Protune GoPro2 with underwater 1440/1080 HDV (Amphibico Phenom - FX1) together in a 1920/1080 25p timeline. Editing the 8 bit footage in 10 bit mode really made it possible to bring out the underwater stuff.
  12. I have been using this lens uptop on a Sony VG30 for video. Don't think I will be using my Tokina 11-16 mm for video any more. I also found for video that the lens on the Sony set at 50p shutter f4 (0-db) is better in low light than the Canon 60D with the Tokina 11-16m @ 25p f2 (100 iso) :-)
  13. Great to hear Simon, this would be my UW camera too if I was still in the game.
  14. I got the VG30, you can access shutter, exposure, WB, DB gain all by a button and scroll wheel on the outside so you do not need to open the LCD. You can also put any of them in auto or manual mode except the WB but it gives you a huge range of choices. . The cool thing about this little camera is you can shoot in 50P then in post run it at normal 25p or slow mo 50P on a 25P timeline. It also takes amazing 16 meg raws. The viewfinder is excellent. There is push a button on the outside to swing from auto to manual focus to. There is a new NEX 10-18mm lens out but of course like DSLR's you are stuck shooting wide, wide, wide and wide lol The best way to shoot video underwater is use a true video camera like a SONY PMW 200.
  15. Yeh not bad footage from such a tiny little camera, make sure you post some footage from your underwater adventure Nick.
  16. Good reply, tell them to jump on a plane, fly over and shoot the stuff for themselves, See how much that would cost them then :-)
  17. Yeh it aint cheap but there are dumbed down versions (cheaper) of EDIUS and it will cut up AVCHD even on a old PC clunker no problems. If I had to convert all the footage I shoot every day to some other drive sapping codec I would be buying a 2 Terra GIG drive every month. How is the new little camera going anyhow.
  18. Nick just load up EDIUS and edit the native raw files with what ever :-) ..AVCHD is a piece of cake to cut up. If the laptop has a Ivy or Sandy bridge CPU, EDIUS will use the CPU's built in H.264 encoder which makes rendering out speeds of H.264 files super fast.
  19. All good here, wordpress rocks.... building sites with HTML is so old school now.... Looks are loads fast over here in AUS. Mike your IP address may be blocked by the the sites server. Turn your modem and computer off for 5+ mins and then try as your IPS provider will assign you a new IP number. If that does not work then you need to contact his server host to white list your IP number or force the modem to dump and grab a new IP number. If you can proxy surf to his site then this is what's has happen.
  20. Okay... finally got Resolve off the computer.... now this Apple rubbish. Goodby virus Apple Application Support 60 megs and Apple Software update lol Why does it take for ever to uninstall Apple software. EDIUS has four different ways to colour correct, yes it has cures but I use what works best as each one is different. The new Version allows you to EDIT in 10 bit even on 8 bit material. I have yet to upgrade to it.
  21. The Resolve is a virus, stuffed my computer up on install and its pretty hard to uninstall it too. Might have something to do with all that virus Apple quicktime and support rubbish it installs. Its nasty....
  22. Right click in the Library to import stuff and nothing happens. Only way to get a folder import is to set my media storage in preference then close and re open again. It cannot see Raw HDV mts files either. It can see Gopro protune and Canon DSLR mov files. EDIT...okay here is what you have to do.:-) Click on DaVinci Resolve (top left) Preferences then Media Storage then on the + and navigate to a drive or folder you want Resolve to have access to. Save then close and reopen the program then you can see your file :-)
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