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  1. Hi Guys I think www.airsealand.com/home is www.hdvhousings.com so I suppose thats why they knew alot about the Phenom. And yes it is good value when you compare the others and the lenses they come with. Pal to NTSC with procoder does rather a good job, it's not perfect but to the normal person they would not be able to pick it. It seems to make the NTSC image abit softer when playing them side by side on twin screens at the same time but overall, I was impressed. Downconverting to DV in the camera and editing in DV then out with procoder is alot faster the doing it in HDV thats for sure. Mike, are you using upper fields or lower fields when encoding to DVD? In HDV I use upper for both PAl and NTSC as thats what HDV is. I also found that downconverted HDV in the camera to DV still needed to be upper when encoding otherwise bad flickering on old DVD players. I'm thinking even though its downcoverted it's still upper and not lower like normal Pal DV. New players should be able to handle it anyway. Pal and NTSC HDV has the same res 1440 / 1080, it would be interesting to see them playing side by side, I think the quality would be the same. If you get thoses mantas in clear water, you should get stunning results. Wags
  2. Yes it's amazing how it's a slug out of water but so easy to push around underneath. Rendering, I just rendered another 70min edited PAL clip to NTSC from the HDV timeline with procoder and it took 12 hours. Playing both Pal and NTSC clips side by side gives a great look at how much smaller NTSC is. Not sure why they just don't change to PAL world wide. Space is cheap, we used 700 GIGs for the edit. To think my first computer had just 700 megs on the hard drive. Wags
  3. Mike Nice to see you got it wet. Yes its very easy to push underwater, I find it better with my HID lights bolted on as it makes it abit more negitive and easier to keep steady. Make sure your focus is spot on when getting zoomed or close up shots as its very easy to be out of focus on subjects. Stands out heaps when editing but looks oka when shooting. #2 macro is best, #4 is like full screen nudibranch gill 1 inch from dome. We have just finished editing our new 70 min underwater DVD, and even though it was ashame to downconvert to DVD standards, the finished material looks great. More on that soon, we will be releasing it in PAL and NTSC versions. I can also tell you now after lots of testing that a DVD made from edited HDV then straight to DVD is better than camera downconverted to DV, edited in DV and out to DVD. Other interesting thing we found was it took like 8 hours to encode the 70 mins on a 3GIG PC from the timeline! just like the old days when DV first came out. Have fun Wags PS: make sure you have lots of space, we used 700 GIGS....
  4. Mike, you have at last got it, well done. Get yourself some internal macro diopters to put on the top flip arm, works a treat. I have a set +1, +2 and +4. They should of come standard I recond. You will find that on normal dives you will not need the URPRO filter in anyhow. Also at 60 meters you may find one of the flip arms will jam. Vignetting is a bummer but I just edit it out. Apart form that, the housing is a good one, done a ton of dives now with mine and busy editing our fist HDV DVD. Enjoy Wags
  5. I have just been playing around with internal dipoters for my Phenom. I have +1 +2 & +4. I placed them on the internal flip arms and they work perfect. I settled for #2 but with the +4 you can fill the whole screen with a Nudibranhs gill from 1 inch away. Not sure why the Phenom did not come standard with the macro diopters on a flip arm. Also the vignetting is being fixed, (october) and a 120 degree lens being made. The best way to edit out the vignetting is to move the video frame down and abit to the right when editing and then add a small 6% covering black template frame. On a normal TV screen or back on the camera the black border cannot be seen, only if it is watched on a full 100% pixel display will the black border be seen. All TV's have a overscan area of up to 15% sometimes and all full displaying TV screens usally have the option of turning the overscan on or off. I have clocked up around 50 dives now being day, night and macro. It has not missed beat. THe LCD screen is fantastic.... and I have transfered some underwater materail to 35 mm and had it beemed up onto a 45 foot screen. Here is what the guys that did it say..... QUOTE" I am not saying that the FX1 footage matches footage taken by CineAlta. It simply can’t be. But it is not very far behind. It is better than 16 mm and Digibeta. I have seen a film laser transferred at Digital Film /Canada which was shot on Digibeta and edited uncompressed. It was also in Cinemascope AR. Your footage is way above all this. Cannot do that with normal mini DV....... Paul Wags
  6. Hi all. It looks like even with the vignetting on the 94 degree len, the Phenom is best value for money. Even zooming in the 94 FOV lens will give around FOV 84. The other housing come standard with less FOV. You have to buy the extra wide lens. Amphibico are working on a new 120 degree lens that will cost around $3000 US. So if that can shoot without any vignetting, then we are laughing. I ended up using a balck template made in Premiere Pro's Title program. Its real time and is better than a black template I made up in Photshop. When a normal DVD is made, the black area cannot be seen, only when watched on a full pixel screen like a computer or if you have the oversacan area turned off on the Plasma or LCD screens. I also have 3x (+1 +2 +4) macro diopters coming that I will try on one of the flip arms. When you are on macro you are zoomed in anyhow so no vignetting. This will then give me instant macro. I have also took the setup to 18 meters the other day. The FX1 still white balanced no probs at that depth without any URPRO filter on. Amazing....show me a MINI DV camera that can do that!!!! After 10 hours of underwater material collected so far, the housing is working fine and I love that LCD screen. Paul Wags
  7. Hi there Thought it was about time I let this go to the world. It's just my personal thoughts though and don't take my review as being 100% correct. Test for yourself. www.ningalooreefteach.com/camera/phenomreview.htm wagsy
  8. Hi Mike Glad to hear yours is on its way. You are going to love the quality you will get. You will also find out that you don't need to use the URPRO filter. Amphibico are working on a fix for the other thing I told you about. The housing is slightly negative under the water and is real easy to push around. Uptop is another story. You will also love being able to look into that LCD screen through the housing. And for Reef keep question? I edit on Premiere pro and Cineforms plugin. Wags
  9. Hi Dixter Thanks for the tip about DLP TV's/ I will wait for sure. Plasmas wear out and LCD's are still pricey. Most are not true Hi Def anyhow. ( Hi Def ready is what the salesman will say) As the rush comes is a perfect piece for underwater shots. Now I wonder if I can make a track that sounds the same with FL Studio?? I had over 72,000 hits for July on my site and blew my monthly bandwidth away. O have now 150 GIGS of monthly bandwidth, so that shouls keep the site going for abit. I have loaded up a underwater screen grab now. Who needs a digital still camera. http://www.ningalooreefteach.com/FX1.htm Night dive coming soon. Wags
  10. From what I have been reading, from people doing side by side tests, the camera will not be as good as the FX1 in low light. Couple f stops up. However it's smaller size will be good for pushing it around underwater. It will also be a good to have as an editing camera / batch capture to the computer instead of wearing out the FX1. Wags
  11. Hi again. To answer a few questions. No I did not get the mirror thingy that goes ontop of the housing. As far as I know Amphibico have not released it yet. Having said that, I am findind the ability to look down into the LCD great as I hardly use the viewfinder. It allows one to get nice flowing shots and i would say it's the main reason I went for it after having a couple of Navigators which had the flip mirror LCD thingy. The housing is just a tiny bit negative in the water and easy to use. It can white ballance @ 14 meters without any URPRO filter no problems. Im sure it could do it even at deeper depths. My Nikon D70 can at 18 meters with no filter. I edited the clips in HDV and encoded to WMV format. If you are using a lower version than windows media 9, the clips will display in 4.3. I halved the 1080 / 1440 to keep the file size down. The full size it just to much to load up. I am using twin LG Flatron 17 inch screens with a refresh rate of 8ms. The second screen is set up as the video window and the footage looks stunning. I am in the process of getting a HDTV to view it on and maybe the new triple card from matrox, then I can output to a HDV TV. As the Rush Comes, I downloaded it from another guy in the USA from a clip he did, shot with the Panasonic HDV single chip. Thats the only version I have ever heard. Yes it a nice piece. I will load up a review soon. Even though the housing is a work of art and nice to shoot with, it has a few things that Amphibico will have to sort out! am Im sure they are doing that right now. I will explain all in the review that I will post on my site. More very soon. Wags
  12. Hello all. Glad you enjoyed the clips. Yes my site was closed there for abit, my stats went over the moon. Yes the Navy Pier is an amazing place. It might have someting to do with the fact that no one has be able to fish it in over 15 years. Classic example of what a sanctuary area can do. The rest of the area up here is getting fished out as more and more people think it is their god given right to drive up here in their 4x4 with their boats and catch or drag around as many fish as they can before they die. Anyhow at least the new generation are growing up with a better understanding of how it all works under the water, and will want to come up here to just take pics and look at all the amazing animals. I will continue to load up clips over time of different dives and will get review done in the coming weeks. Wags
  13. Hi all again Thanks for your comments. I will load up a full review of the housing very soon on my site. In the meantime you can all go and download another 200meg wmv file that I shot on a dive under the Exmouth Navy Pier. It runs for 6 mins. Enjoy. http://www.ningalooreefteach.com/FX1.htm More soon Paul Wags
  14. Hi all Have done a couple dives now with the Amphibico Phenom and the FX1. You can go here and download a clip. http://www.ningalooreefteach.com/FX1.htm I will load up some more soon. Wags
  15. Im over here in Australia and my Phenom housing is in transit to me as I type. As soon as I have it under the water I'll post some nice big wmv files. Shoot in HDV, suck it in and edit in HDV (Premiere Pro and Cineform) and then encode to normal DVD with a good encoder to Mpeg2. The dvd will look beter than a normal dvd made with a 3CCD DV camera and its true 16.9. More soon Wags PS: if anyone knows how to encode a quicktime file the same quality & size as I can with Windows Media 9, please tell me your secret. Even encoding using H.264 to a quicktime file, I still cannot match Windows Media 9 for file size and quality??
  16. Hello Rand See you were over here on the Ningaloo Reef. Hope you had a nice time. You got some nice pics there. Yes lots of Nudibranchs here. I shoot with a Nikon D70 in a Sea and Sea, and 3CCD video cameras. Waiting on a housing for the FX1 at the moment. Here is some pics of the Whale Sharks. www.ningalooreefteach.com/sharks.htm Regards Wags
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