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  1. Hi folks I was lucky enough to be under the water during the recent Solar Eclipse over here in Cairns, Queensland Australia with Stuart Ireland. Here is what we got. https://vimeo.com/54486028 [vimeo]54486028[/vimeo]
  2. Yes it sure is, one of the best ways to cruise indo/PNG that's for sure. No Mark was using a Olympus OM-D in a housing. Uptop I think it was a Canon 5D3 too. He certainly knew his way around Photoshop too.
  3. Hey Mike, those poor little fish you sent to their deaths because of your lights :-) What camera were you using?
  4. O I meant to say my Quad core running 8 threads, :-) only running a i7 3770K here so your i7 3930k is a faster chip. Drew 6.5 does 10 bit now, in fact you can edit normal footage in 10 bit too.
  5. Interesting way to hang it inside, I don't think mine would of stayed in place like that for very long flying around with both doors off. :-) That clip was much smoother than my results but watching it closely when banking the Heli was vibrating there while the camera was steady?... and the quality was pretty bad. Then I found more clips with that pilot and his go pro.... Jelly Mellow :-) Downloaded and installed Cineform for fun. Converted a Protune clip out to a max quality Cineform avi. The original Protune 4 minute and 30 second clips was 1.10 GIGS in size but after converting it to Cineform it grew to 3.46 GIGS :-) It took my PC 1 minute and 46 seconds to convert it maxing out all 8 cores of my Ivy Bridge CPU. In EDIUS I can have 4 tracks of raw Protune clips running, 3 clips in pips on the screen. With Cineform I can only have 3 tracks playing back in real time, but it runs out of puff after it hits the 3rd track about 10 seconds in. With color correction added I can have 3 tracks of Protune playing realtime while only 2 with Cineform. So there is no real advantage in converting to Cineform unless you have a NLE that cannot edit the Raw Protune clips.:-) I then rendered out a from the 1 minute edited timeline of the 3 Raw Protune clips with colour correction applied to a 1920/1080 CBR 9mbps H.264 file for the internet and it took 60 seconds I then did the same but with just 1 Protune clip on the timeline and it took just 30 seconds to have my file.
  6. Hello folks. Spent 12 days on board the True North exploring west PNG and the floppy whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay. Did over 20 dives, took the old FX1 and Phenom, which did not miss a beat. Cannot post any video as its going to air but there are some images here. http://www.flykam.co...y-whale-sharks/ Private charter jet from Darwin too... Shot some fantastic whale shark footage at night with lights on scuba underneath the fishing platforms.:-) It does not get any better than this trip, the passengers pay $25/30k each for the 12 day trip :-) Some more stuff here on Marks blog (part owner of True North) http://www.truenorthmark.com/blog/
  7. Steve the Heli was a hoot all right, flying around without the doors on getting cool shots. Yes once on the Protune settings its the 35mbps VBRate. Shooting at 35mbps is much better than 15mbps. Well looks like the Protune firmware for Hero 3 locks the camera too :-)
  8. Steve I just dump the raw 35 mbps files straight in my NLE and do what ever. Why use Cineform to convert? Yeh I agree very nice shots on those videos but they put a huge amount of time into them but can put out some great interesting shots. You certainly just cannot stick one on anywhere and get good results and there is the constant problem of them fogging up here in the tropics. That R44 heli, he must of had it on some Gyro or something as there is no way you can mount a camera fixed to a heli like that and get it that smooth. On the Eurocopter I put one on the skid, tail, underneath up front in the center and on a suction cap on the inside on the curved front window and all 4 positions gave real bad results. So unless you have some special constructed mount or have them on a gyro, using these things in a heli is useless unless you want really bad jello footage. Maybe you can fix it up frame by frame in post but I have not got any time for that and normal stabilizer software does not fix it up. Took the GoPro that had been sitting outside in the shade for hours, opened the door, made sure it was not fogged up, jumped on the dive tender in PNG, shot some nice steady shots, got back, useless all fogged up lol O hang on I was suppose to put some moisture pads in there or something right, yeh I carry a heap of them around with me all the time. Put it on my motor bike, frame, tank, fairing, useless horrible jello. Put it on the front of my car with the suction cap, usable footage but still has jello when going over a bump or something not smooth, horrible blocky blue sky using the normal 15mbps setting, 35mbps is much better. Protune firmware is buggy and many times I have had to take the battery out as it locks the camera right up on boot up, once I get it going again then have to go through all through the menu again to set up the correct settings :-) Changing the FOV settings is a waste of time as it just crops the sensor and looks grainy, just shoot wide and do it in post. Time to try out the new Sony Action cam and see how its image stabilization goes, it looks pretty good by what I have seen so far for a CMOS camera. If I get one I will do a side by side test.
  9. I just used the standard Android player on the phone. Maybe the S3 has a better graphics setup.
  10. Yes its looks great. I cannot even put the HERO 2 anywhere on my motorbike due to all the jello and vibration. I guess it will fog up like the GoPro's being in a plastic box too. We put a Hero 2 on the tail of a Heli and took it up to 7000 feet without the dome on the front... the actual lens then fogged up lol
  11. You do know that 35mbps ProTune MPEG4 is a very hard codec to play. 25mbps Mts is easy as for most computers. I just put a 35mbps Protune file on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and it plays it no problems :-)
  12. Looks like Sony's new action cam with its built in image stabilization, LCD and wifi is a winner. Im sold. http://youtu.be/3qa8mUWBXyk
  13. I wonder how much of that promo was shot with GoPros:-) Were is the jittery wonky jello stuff that everyone else in the world gets when using them. Does not matter where I put the Hero2 on my motorbike there is horrible jitter and jello. We tried putting Hero 2's running ProTune on a Eurocopter in PNG and did nto matter where we put them the footage was next to useless.
  14. I have just been dumping the raw 35mbps files from Hero 2 running the buggy Protune firmware straight into EDIUS, and it cuts it up piece of cake. You can also get full size screen grabs by clicking just one button on the timeline :-) I have been looking at the new Sony POV, its image stabilization and built in LCD and WiFi has sold me.
  15. Hey great Nick stuff , how long that take to upload to YouTube.. Now you have to go out and shoot it all 16.9 now. :-)
  16. I just got back from a trip over there on the True North. The floppy whale sharks are amazing, blows old Ningaloo away big time lol. Buying the catch to feed the sharks and having the money go to the people for looking after the sharks is far better than having them harm them for money. Long time I think its going to be a good thing as this special place takes off.
  17. Sure will, compressing blue water shots way down to 15mbps creates all kinds blocky problems. 30mbps will be much better. Go out and shoot the blue sky and move it around abit, you will see it's much better.
  18. Looks like they finally released the new firmware. :-) 35mbps up from 15mbps plus more. http://gopro.com/cam...dition/#protune EDIT, have now installed the new firmware. No more blocky blue skys...much much better :-)
  19. Great stuff.....Looks like a place i need to go to..
  20. Think I found my next video camera. 50mbps 4.2.2 and 3 half inch chips. Please someone make a housing for it with flip up macro and top LCD window. http://pro.sony.com/...CAMPMW200.shtml
  21. Yes Mike still got it and had a play with some Sola 4000. Think I might be a owner of a Nauticam housing soon though. Of to your part of the world too soon.
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