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  1. Well I think 99% of folks are shooting with HDV or DSLR cameras now days as appose to RED cameras. And most of them will want to render out H.264 files to load to the internet or make a DVD. Yes a high end QUAD or Xeon CPU can do more tracks and render out other formats faster especially if it is overclocked, but the H.264 out encoding is more important for me. Just finished another little project. From an edit of native Canon Mov files with mixed audio tracks, transparent logo, graphics, some colour correction, fades and sharpness filters, the 5 minute-54 second edit took just 2 minutes and 41 seconds to render out the 1920/1080 H.264 @12mbps file to load to YouTube. :-) Then from the same edit I rendered out a 720/576 @CBR 8mbps MPEG2 file ready to author into a DVD. That took 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Next I rendered out a Canopus HQ file for archiving of the edit and that took 2 minutes and 15 seconds. For a $700 upgrade to a near on 5 year old PC, this is pretty good bang for buck. :-)
  2. O I am so disappointed, I can only play 4 tracks of Native Canon 1920/1080 25p mov's files real time.:-) But I guess 3 of the tracks were being key framed around the screen at the same time so not too bad. Does Premier Pro play back full res now days or does it still drop the preview quality to keep up?
  3. Hey Jonny, cause it looks good and you are paying for that little APPLE logo. :-) I will make a screen video of it doing its things when I can. I get my stuff from http://pccasegear.com They are very good and stuff has arrived at my door the next day some times up here :-) Its seems to be very easy to overclock, the chip is now running at 4Ghtz with the stock fan easy. Going to get a V8 cool master should get me high 4's then.
  4. Yep sure is, I just did my first project with it, normally it takes 25+minutes to render out a 7 minute H.264 file this time it took 2 minutes and 30 seconds :-) Just dumped 4 tracks of AVCHD 1920/1080 @ 18mbps to the timeline, all being pulled from a single STATA drive. All the files were playing back in PIP 4 corners of the screen. :-) CPU runs at 98%, time to get a good fan and overclock this thing.
  5. Looks nice indeed but not like the average person can afford something like that never lone the Heli costs too. Back to reality....
  6. Yes if you have a Sandy Bridge then not much in it but if you are using an older CPU then its huge. Here are some more tests, I have to get a larger fan as overclocking seems to heat it up pretty quick. Made from time lapse images, I dumped a 5184/3456 Canopus HQX 25p, (406 mbps) file to the 1920/1080 25p timeline and zoomed in to fill the width. It can play it real time just, CPU is maxed out though, not bad from single SATA drive. Next I dumped 6 x HDV 1440/1080 files and one native Canon 1920/1080 mov ontop and put them all into pips. Timeline played it back in real time lol All 8 cores maxed out at about 94% so no point in going RAID really. Rendering out H.264 files is about 50% or more faster than real time. IE 1 minute of edited timeline takes less than 30 seconds to render out a file. My work speed has just increased heaps now, you can not beat if for quick turn around of projects. Feel sorry for those left in the land of transcoding to other hard drive sapping editing codecs :-)
  7. Update. Well $700 later I now have the new Ivy Bridge (8 core CPU ) running with EDIUS 6 up from an old Q6600 quad CPU. Here is what I can do now just using single SATA drives. 4 Tracks of Native Canon (DSLR)1920/1080 25p video files playing back in real time in pips at full resolution on the timeline. Rendering out from a 60 second Native Canon (DLSR) 1920/1080 25p timeline with colour correction and graphic- logo plus audio track. With quick sync turned off it took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to render out the 1920/1080 25p @ CBR 12mbps for the internet. With Quick Sync on it took 30 seconds :-) Quality of the two output files was perfect. To render out a PAL 720/576 MPEG2 @ CBR 8mbps with AC3 audio for a DVD it took 30 seconds. :-) Photoshop and Lightrroom are super fast with images too. The computer will play 3 x Native Canon files on my 3 screens at full screen at the same time too lol
  8. I have nothing to do with Grass Valley, all this FCP this or FPC X that is fine... but as soon as I mention EDIUS look out. :lol The bottom line is it runs rings around the other editors for native multi format editing with effects even on an old computer :-) I know the DSLR's pump out great sharp images but how many DSLR housings let the user go from auto / manual for focus with zooming? How can you shoot a nudibranchs gill and zoom out on the fly, change/lock the focus to infinity then shoot something larger in the distance. Generally with a video camera you can zoom in, pull your focus, then pull out and you are fine anywhere within your zoom range once you have that critical focus. That means, any zooming in or out towards or from that subject will be always be in focus. You cannot do that with a DSLR and zoom lens. Once you pull back you have to re focus. Once you zoom in you have to refocus. Zoom back out a bit, you have to refocus bla bla bla...unless you use a parfocal lens. Try it, go outside with your DSLR and zoom lens, zoom into a subject, lock the focus and pull back, what happens. Now do that with a video camera.
  9. Great info guys. @M43user -$800 that's because of the $300 Motherboard I want, here in Australia we get ripped off big time for stuff. Still on a old set-up (Q6600) here, I am rendering out H.264 files for the net all the time so this is going to speed up my work flow quite a bit. Guys with Sandy Bridge set-ups are getting 4 layers of native AVCHD real-time, so should be better with the new Ivy Bridge. Looks like they run hotter than the Sandy Bridges when overclocked though, time will tell.
  10. Yep it sure is, watch this video using a Sandy Bridge CPU and QuickSync. Best thing is it will only cost me like $800 for new CPU, ram and motherboard. You poor Apple boys lol
  11. You will be able to get super fast video encoding out with Intels new Ivy Bridge CPU soon. If you are lucky enough to use a video editing program that takes advantage of Intels on board Quick Sync engine then you will be able to render out H.264 files for internet or Blu_Ray straight from the timeline super fast. Current i7 Sandy Bridge CPU users say it takes them about 24 minutes to render out a file from a 60 minute HD timeline. The new Ivy Bridge should get that down under 20 minutes easy. So looks like I'm up for a new motherboard, ram and CPU.
  12. Yeh I know it has not got all the bells and whistles but if you want to produce something really fast you cannot really beat it. It's bad enough trying to archive/backup native video footage as it is never mind having to archive the space sapping codecs too. No, I have not dived with a DLSR shooting video nor have I a housing for mine for the number one reason it would not really fit my shooting style. One can see in the videos all over the net their limitations shooting underwater however the quality is very nice and easy to travel with and best of both worlds. I like to be able to zoom in from wide or pull from very close to wide on the fly. Need to have the ability to shoot macro then zoom out to nail something large instantly. Like the camera to auto track subjects sometimes as it moves towards and away from the camera while zooming in or out at the same time on the fly. Need to easier go from auto to locked/maunal exposure and the same for focus. Just my 2 cents :-)
  13. As much as the DLSR cameras put out great footage, you will never be able to nail the same types of shots on a dive that you can with a video camera in a good housing. I really don't know why more people don't use EDIUS. It slices through just about any native files even all mixed up with each other super easy. No silly hard drive sapping codecs to convert to for editing ending up with two flies of everything. Renders out files super fast. Ivy Bridge CPU just out, Quick Sync should even be faster again.
  14. Now that is cool. 3K lol... http://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/2012/04/1...t-from-the-top/
  15. Well Dean there is if I have to buy a housing for it too. Found a video here from the FS100 underwater. Downloaded the raw file loaded up to Vimeo too. I can see red circular compression reflection kind of thing and the guy did not clean his port too well before he got in :-) I think the lens was way too wide too. Anyhow I suppose this gives one an idea of what the underwater footage would be like from a FS700, get a 4K recorder and then you are in 12 bit. Would not have to zoom then, just do it all in post :-) [vimeo]39102598[/vimeo]
  16. Great Simon, what about compression banding when moving on solid tones like a white wall. DSLR's are really bad when it comes to this, even at higher bitrates. And the stock 18-200mm lens, looks like its got pretty good auto focus hey. Wack a Tokina 11-16 mm lens on it...perfect. Now the 100 or 700 which way to go now mmm. Cheers...
  17. Hey simon, whats the moire and rolling shutter like on the fs100?
  18. I like the built in ND filters. Cool camera indeed.
  19. Hi The problem with DSLR's for video is you are very limited to the type of shots you can get during a dive. With a video camera and a good housing it's possible to shoot a Nudibranchs gill and a Whale Shark on the same dive :-) You can also zoom way into subjects and pull back on the fly.
  20. neat.....looks like its only a single chip camera though?
  21. That clip is everywhere. It's pretty hard to believe people don't get it. The question is the answer
  22. Yeh Peter I am with you, underwater you need a camera that can track subjects while zooming in and while on auto focus if needed. Shoot tiny things then pull back to grab the wide shots and a heap in between for connection shots. Both my old Sony FX1 3CCD and HDV A1 CMOS do this nicely. If I was in the market I would go for the Canon XF100 in a housing or a larger 3 chip one as it would enable me just that, but it is still a CMOS camera so has the moire and shutter skew problems but that MPEG2 50mbps 4.2.2 is pretty neat. Pete my DVD, yes it's made :-)
  23. Thats great to hear about the FS100 and a housings for it. I have been looking at that camera, only thing is you would be limited in the type of shots you can get. Certainly no real zooming in an outs on the fly tracking a subject and no zoom in flip up a diopter and shoot a nudi's gill then pull back and shoot a Whale Shark all on the same dive. That's why a normal video camera still is best.
  24. Arr... its looking good though for Moire. http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/samples/eos5dmk3/ Check out the COLOR OF HOPE
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