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  1. Just thought I would share the results of converting (PAL) 1920/1080 25p to 1920/1080 24p for NTSC Blu-Ray. After trying many different ways with commercial encoders, all ended up just basically frame blending to get the end result or there would be frame judder as it played. I then for fun ran the 25p PAL file through a little FREE open source program called "Virtual Dub" and the end results are very good indeed. Its very fast too and on my old PC here it nearly was real time. Your audio is out of wack and it will need to be tweaked to fit in again but the 25p to 24p is wonderful. All I did was place the files back in a 24p timeline, ungroup the Audio and Video then set the audio speed at 96% and it all lined up again. Virtual dub only runs on Windows
  2. Ha ha, that's what I like to hear Pete :-) Well its like this, I am going to get glass pressed replicated PAL DVD's made up to sell to the tourists around Cairns here but its just cost too much for glass pressed replicated Blu_Rays done as I have a mortgage now :-) So I will burn either NTSC or PAL Blu_Ray copies off them on request. Also toying with the idea of having 1080p version available as downloads as H.264 or wmv and maybe versions for the apple and android tablets. User pays via pay pal then automatically they get sent an encrypted limited downloads link that expires after a period of time...... Fully auto kind of thing :-) Should have things sorted more by the end of this week.
  3. Well my 90 minute Reef to Rainforest relaxation Blu-Ray looks fantastic. Plays excellent on the PS3. Its the first Blu-Ray I have ever made, good thing I was using a PC :-) Very happy with DVD Architect Pro. Now to make NTSC versions.
  4. Gee that site is suss, in the USA or something lol Yes that's DVD Architectâ„¢ Studio. It seems to be a dumb down version of Pro Will download it and see anyhow. Cheers. EDIT found the difference. Have to have Pro :-( https://www.custcenter.com/app/answers/deta...d-architect-pro
  5. Yep I can point you in the right direction. The thing is you want a set up that's easy to restore in case of a problem especially when you are in the field, even if it does not boot due to some software problem. Does not really matter how bad you stuff up your software or operating system, you can always easily get it prefect again.
  6. Hey great to hear. The first thing once you get it is to de crap it all. Uninstall all the rubbish off it that Dell will have on it. Then update and tweek Win7 and uninstall Nortons if it comes with it. Nortons is a bloated virus now days it should be banned. :-) In fact I had to un install it of two laptops in the last week and it took me three goes and three reboots to get rid of it and even then there were files still left. There others you can use that are much better. It usually takes me a day to setup - tweek a new system and install all my software. Set up a partition and never save anything anywhere to your C:drive, put your email store file on that second partition. Basically when it boots up nothing should be running in the background except maybe a fire wall and or virus protection which should be turn off for editing. Once you get it all set up, use Win 7 to make a mirror image of the C: drive, put it on that second partition and then make a recovery boot CD to bring back that image in case of any problem any time in the field etc and you will have a piece of mind system which will fly. That's why people buy Mac's because PCs have way to many variables, the trick is to get them set up correct right from the start and then you are laughing. Look at me, still on an old cheap Win 7 2008 built 2.4 Quad desktop system here but do all my native HD editing and authoring, Lightroom 3, Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 across 3 x 22 inch LCD screens no problems.
  7. Hi After some trial and error I found DVD Architect Pro 5.2 works pretty good in authoring Blu_Rays. Even though you can download a 30 day trial, it cannot be purchased as a stand alone program, you have to buy Vegas? I used it to author my new 90 minute project with audio tracks, motion menu, scene selection, play all and endless play options. It can even preview the project on a secondary monitor to test before compiling and burning. It can burn straight to disk or you can compile and save as an ISO file Then you can use WinRAR to unpack the ISO file and test on your computer with Blu_Ray software and then burn to Disk. Watching it on my 55 inch Sony TV looks really neat. All in all pretty impressed, but why can I not buy it as a stand alone program? PS: Yes I know I have to change the word from DVD to Blu_Ray on the motion menu
  8. It's a little card I slide into the side of the latop like this.
  9. Hi, I use a Express card that has a 1934 firewall port.
  10. Mate go and download EDIUS 30 day trial and install. Look what I do on my little Asus i5 $1300 laptop. And if you get a HDMI cable you can send the editing preview window full screen out to a external TV at full resolution while you are editing. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...6&hl=laptop
  11. Hi Drew Right so if you turn off background transcoding can it edit the files as is then? Transcoding them into another codec (ProRes) means massive more space taken up and then you end up having two files of everything. Plus it's using up your CPU while you are trying to edit. Also I suppose your preview window would not really be full res then if it's transcoding that clip in the background right and you are trying to CC it or something. Yes editing on the system drive is not very good, external USB 3 works well. Sorry just curious as to how it works.
  12. Dean, you have to spend all your toy money on your little girl now. Hey Steve, so you are saying when it optimized it you mean transcoded it into some other codec for editing. Like can you just dump the raw files into the bin or timeline and edit or you have to wait?
  13. Two Scarlets, I can see that working for Simon nicely. Steve last time I was on the boat I was cutting up AVCHD, Canon Mov's and HDV with CC all on the same timeline with my little i5 laptop. Then the 45 minute edit took about 1 hour to render out both me PAL and NTSC files for the DVD's Can FCPX do that? Using virtual dub, you can batch convert the RED file to Canopus HQX but its slow. I then opened up a 4096/2304 timeline and tried editing that file, even on my old computer here it nearly plays real-time. With a i7 Sandy Bridge CPU it would no problems. For fun I dropped a 1920/1080 clip on the timeline too, its looks small lol Anyhow cannot see myself with a 4K camera any time soon.
  14. OKAY red files are a pain to do. Will try virtual Dub next as that will let me render out an AVI instead of an image sequence. I also tried out AE 5.5 and its warp filter. Video clip of walking through the rainforest. The 90 second Raw Canon 60D video clip took like 20 minutes to run through AE. Then I had to render out an Canopus HQ AVI on top of that. lol Playing that Canopus HQ file and the raw Canon one in the NLE which I dropped a Mercalli 2.0 shake filter onto, I could not see any real difference, if anything the AE clip had some funny movements in places but so did the other. Dropping the Mercalli 2.0 shake filter to the same raw 60D file on the timeline took about 2.5 minutes to render and away it went. I then rendered out two DVD MPEG 2 SPEC files and played then at the same time on two of the same screens driven by the same graphics card, even pausing i could not see any quality difference. So going by that, 2.5 minutes to wait in the timeline compared to +20 minutes messing around in AE.... I shall be uninstalling AE 5.5
  15. RC Heli crash :-( They should of used one of those Hexicopters, amazing machines. Downloaded AE and tried out the Stabilizer on some raw Canon 60D video. It's not prefect, can see the image distort but the thing that got me was it takes for ever. The one I use in my NLE is a zillion times faster. Will do some comparisons off both using the same clip.
  16. Even on a high ISO the shutter has to be open for 10+ seconds on a full moon night, he must of had the car travelling very very slowly. Maybe he was out the back pushing it a foot after each exposure lol
  17. Yeh his stuff is amazing. How did he nail those moving down the road time-lapse shots?
  18. Hey Loftus Have you looked at this http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d/medical_art Looks pretty neat and may work for you.
  19. Transcoding, what's that :-) .r3D files are from a RED camera? I am downloading a sample file to see how it cuts it up but it cannot import the raw files by the looks. Need to run it through REDCINE-X then output to tif image sequence. Will see if my old PC clunker can handle it.
  20. Will not go into it too much but if you are looking to cut up those native AVCHD or Canon H.264 files with ease and without having to convert them to some other format to edit, then go and download the new version of EDIUS 6. I am using an old PC still and it still does the job with ease and at full resolution, it can even output to a monitor full screen at full res. You can even move a transparent logo around the screen or adjust the colour correction real-time as the timeline is playing lol Throwing a heap of different video formats on the timeline is no problems too.
  21. Yep count me in, be fun to see what it ends up like. All underwater or up top too?
  22. Well another gig done, 60D never missed a beat out in the Torres Straits hot and steamy tropical sun. The flip screen was a life saver for many shots from Heli shots to night shots to internal building shots to over head indigenous dancing shots. Would of been stuffed with out it.
  23. Disadvantage would be it does not look as flash as the larger cameras and its not full frame, so what? For a work horse with a good lens like the Tokina 11-16 the smaller 60D wins out for me due mainly to its swivel LCD and you can manually control audio. I have had the 60 out in the rain, still works. Most tripod based video and still shots taken of property the camera is lower than eye level so you can just swing up the LCD instead of squatting behind it. Have it swung out when using the viewfinder as to not smudge it with your face/nose. 7D = Impossible to take shots of a room with the tripod hard up against the wall, swivel LCD no problems. Low ground shots = lay on the ground or with the 60D just flip up the LCD. If there was a huge jump in quality I would say go for the larger brothers but for day to day use there is not much in to justify having the larger ones. And its only like a 1K camera if it gets destroyed.
  24. Yeh, comparing it to my 7D its pretty much the same quality. Thinking of getting a second 60D as a back up now. Just ordered one of these for some time-lapse. Cheap as chips... http://www.linkdelight.com/R8A9-LCD-Timer-...-450D-400D.html
  25. Hey Peter You would think it should take 1920/1080 50i / 60i @ 25-35 MBPS MPEG2 files with 384kbps AC3 audio as they are Blu_Ray spec. Make sure it's elementary stream MPEG2 (separate video and audio files and not a single MPEG2 video/audio file) Richard you got some nice material all right, cut it up and get something out there.
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