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  1. I am selling my used Seacam silver housing for Canon 5D MKII in used working condition. Based in Austria, Graz. Price: € 1200,- Shipment at buyers expense.
  2. if have 2 new Diffusors available, €100 per diffusor, shipment at buyers expense
  3. still available, 1 Seacam SF 150d
  4. I am selling 1 New unused Diffusor for a Seacam Seaflash 150d. Price would be 105 Shipment at buyers expense
  5. Still available 1 Seacam Seaflash 150d with Diffusor for €1290
  6. I am searching 2 cables to use with Inon Flash with my Seacam housing equipped with 2 S6 sockets. Would be fine if somebody could help me within Europe. Thanks in advance Regards Armin
  7. I am selling my Seacam housing in good condition. Based in Austria. Price € 1350. Shipment in Europe, buyer pays the real costs.
  8. Housing is still available for €1500
  9. Iam selling 1 Seacam Seaflash 150D S6 for Canon. The Flash is in used condition but works with no problem. 1 S6 cable 1 neoprene cover Can be tested in Austria, Graz Price for the flash would be €1300 I would also sell 1 new diffusor for Seaflash 150D for €100 If you are interested please send me a message
  10. Only one 150d available Price 1200, Diffusor New +100 +Shipment
  11. The Seacam Housing for the 5d mk2 is still available. Price would be €1500.
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