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  1. I have for sale a very nice condition Olympus 12-55 f3.5-6.3 lens. This is a really great lens for under water use. It features electronic zoom as well as manual twist zoom. The electronic zoom is super beneficial for video or if you don’t have zoom gears or a zoom option in your housing port. This lens has only seen top side use, and not much of that either. It was planned for UW, but never ended up getting the housing for the m43 body before changing system. I can send other pictures if wanted or needed. Lens is located in Norway. Will ship worldwide at buyers cost. Looking for $250 or best offer. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  2. Selling a very little used, near perfect contiditon Nauticam port for the Olympus 12-50mm lens, with zoom gear and M77 flip diopter holder which will hold 67mm diopters. Looking for € 480/ $ 560.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I saw this video on your Vimeo channel a few weeks ago. How did you make the four ball arms that are used for feets? 5mm stainless steel or aluminium for the rods maybe, but what about the 1" ball ends?
  4. I would like to use maybe the Tokina 10-17 or Canon 8-15 for wrecks and CFWA. But ibis would be nice for land use also. I'm looking forward to your feedback after trying it underwater. Could you test rolling shutter also and see if is at all any issue underwater? I saw a test with the a6300 in an ikelite housing overheating in only 13 minutes of filming, that could also be an issue for me although the a6500 has a menu option to allow more heat without shutting down.
  5. I mostly want to do wrecks, exterior shots both with ambient light and artificial and some with only ambient. Deep waters and dark, so the Sony lineup seems to be preferred over the m43 due to the sensor and low light capability. I own a G7, which I fear will be pretty similar to the GH5 in that regard, and can't say I'm impressed with low light performance. I also want a small form factor, otherwise the D500 might have been an option. The a6500 does seem like a promising camera, but there is always something on every model. I have never shoot anything ever using filters, so I would prefer to not need it. And combining artificial lights when having a filter installed would probably not be a great idea. Is it that difficult to correct WB in post for video? For stills using RAW it works pretty well to correct in post for the ones I have tried, is the Sonys any worse?
  6. The Sony a6500 looks like a very good camera for underwater work in low light, and getting the IBIS in it is a nice addition. To what effect would you think the insane rolling shutter will be a problem for uw video? I have seen samples from the a6500 and it looks no better, maybe worse, than the a6300. Slow moving should be ok as long as you always keep it in mind. But what if you have the camera on a scooter, both facing forward and 90 degrees to the side sweeping across wrecks? Also I see a lot of people complaining about setting the WB, this also I would guess will be a bigger problem for video than for stills. But do most people using the a6300 find workarounds that is not too cumbersome?
  7. I'm in the same boat. At the last renewal I let my Vimeo Pro lapse, and I'm contemplating to upgrade again or not. Vimeo is a nicer and a little more serious platform I think, not full of cats and all kinds of vlogs/blogs and the like that you find on YouTube. The users of Vimeo are maybe more into the movies and the content on a different level, not just killing time. On the other hand the exposure is a lot greater on YouTube if you are looking for the most views possible and maybe earn a penny or two from ads. I would presume a lot of people browsing for videos online don't even know what Vimeo is and don't visit, but "everybody" knows what YouTube is and uses it almost daily.
  8. Got the shipping confirmation today, should arrive August 29th as international slow mail, but it could very well show up earlier.
  9. I got a delivery estimate today from Amazon US for September 1st to October 6th. Not shipped yet though. Order placed March 6th... But I'm not in a hurry so I don't mind
  10. No doubt the Nauticam housings are much better and have superior ergonomics, and I would be getting that it was available for the G7. Options are GX8 or maybe wait to see what the GH5 will bring.
  11. I thought the control of the power zooms via the body got lost on the G7 due to the toggle-switch that was on the G6 had been removed. But after your post I checked the manual and just assigned the power-zoom to a custom button, and it works really nice! This is a great discovery which makes the chances of getting a Ikelite housing much bigger. Also helpful for topside use when doing video. Thanks for the tip. Do you always rely on autofocus when using Ikelite housings and ports? I don't see many ports offering focus abilities. I am also unsure if it is possible to change the AF/MF via the rotating knob on the G7 through the Ikelite housing. I would imagine it quite helpful at least to be able to switch it into MF after focus lock to prevent hunting during filming. This could probably be solved easily by just enabling back-button focus. But I find using manual focus with peaking useful on land, so I think it would be desirable to have it available.
  12. Yes they are a lot cheaper, only thing is I already bought a Nauticam port for the 12-50mm with all the controls to operate that lens. It would be nice to be able to use this port, as the Ikelite options for the 12-50mm does not allow much control of the lens. The Nauticam port was bought when Nauticam already had told me they were making a housing for the G7, and it was not long until it would be released. But then they suddenly changed their mind due to some design issues and abandoned the G7-housing So now I have the G7, which I love for topside use, all the buttons and dials just where I want them in a body of perfect size. I was planning on getting the Resea housing, but the price is just putting me off on that one. And considering the resell value of that housing and ports later on, compared to Nauticam which has a much more extensive M43 lineup, just makes it worse. Actually, comparing prices it would cost about the same to buy a GX8 body with a Nauticam housing and ports, as opposed to just get the Recsea housing and ports for the G7. So that kinda leaves the Recsea option dead for me at least. It will either be the Ikelite housing for the G7 and keeping the cost reasonable, or I will wait and get something better for low light underwater use which will be vastly more expensive.
  13. Are there any adaptors that allow you to use Nauticam N85 ports on a Ikelite housing?
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