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  1. Anyone who could make good use of a setup like this .. 2400 euro.
  2. A very nice and honest person to deal with

    1. KanylenDK


      Hi Lisa, thank you for your nice comment ... I hope you enjoy the Aquatica housing and make lots of great pictures :) Tommy

  3. Hi All, Selling a complete Nauticam Sony RX100V Pro Package setup with wide angle and dual Inon D-200 Strobes. From 2019 and everything is in mint condition. Includes: Nauticam NA-RX100V Pro Package Housing, including vacuum safety system. Sony RX100 MK V camera + ekstra unused battery UWL-09F wide angle wet lens Two Inon D-200 strobes + optical cords i-Das arms and clamps Spare o-rings ------------------------------------------------ Im not interested in splitting up the system, will only sell as complete package. Located in Denmark Asking: 2700 Euro + shipping.
  4. Preferably from within the European Union. Cheers, Tommy, Denmark
  5. Thanks all, im also more and more moving towards a pair of Inon D-200. Cheers Tommy
  6. Hi all, I need to order some strobes for my Sony RX100V(a) in a Nauticam housing. Will primarily be used to photography (mostly wide angle but also macro - but with wets lenses). Im considering the Symbiosis SS-3 as it delivers small size, strobe and video/focus light in one unit. Also the price is a bit lower then the more powerfull strobes. Any one how has used the SS-3 lights? Any thoughts in general ? Kind regards Tommy
  7. I would prefer Fantasea or Nauticam. Cheers, Tommy, Denmark
  8. Hi, will you consider selling of the Fantasea housing alone (I already have the camera) ? regards Tommy
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