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  1. I am using Inon Z220 with EM 5 without any issues. You need to ask for a "Nauticam to Inon optical fiber cable" and you are ready to go. Where I bought my stuff , there is also a cable for Sea&Sea too, so I believe you can use YS 90 too but I never had or used a Sea and Sea Strobe, so you better ask your dealer to make sure. Don't know where you live but for reference check these : http://www.onderwaterhuis.nl/optische-kabel-nauticam-naar-inon-26211.html http://www.onderwaterhuis.nl/optische-kabel-nauticam-naar-sea-sea-26212.html
  2. Hi Waterboy, I am also looking for a wide angle option for my Nauticam EM5 setup. Have you been able to try the Samyang 7.5mm with NA-EM5 ? If so, can you tell us how it performed ? If you could use the zoom mehanism to control focus ? Which port have you used ? etc. Thanks
  3. I have made quite a few changes to the setup I posted above and Stix floats are one of those changes. I couldn't test it underwater yet tough. I opted for the 12-50mm macro port instaed of the 60 mm port + 3rd party zoom gear. The fiber cables were wrong so they were replaced with the correct ones which fits the Nauticam housing for system cameras. S-2000 instead of the Z-240. Flextray instead of the Easitray. A focus light and necessary mounting parts to the cold shoe. Can't wait to take it underwater
  4. Hi All, Thank you very much for all the comments and advise. I have decided to go with the OMD setup and received it all yesterday. I set it up for some dry testing. Overall it looks close to perfect. A few points which needs to be considered that I have seen ( nothing new , all of these have been already discussed in another thread by Alex M) : 1. The auto focus is lightining fast as long as you have enough light and contrast. If you want to shoot macro, a focus light is a MUST ( which I already have ). With the focus light 12-50mm at Macro mode with or without a diopter is very fast too. You need to consider having a small arm or at least a long clamp to attach your focus light if you will be using it with a diopter like Subsee +10. 2. I already have an Inon Z-220 so I have decided to go with Inon S-2000 as it is very small and still powerfull enough for most situations and together with Z-220 I can have more than enough light for the type of dives and photos I make. I have tested it both in Manual and S-TTL; and S-TTL , somehow gave inconsistent results. Some of them were because I did not wait long enough for it to fully charge but in some shots, even after waiting for more than 5 seconds the results were very bad. I am not sure if this is related to the internal Flash sending wrong message or if it is related to Inon S-2000. 3. 12-50mm with its special Port which allows Macro function can only be used for E-Zoom when not in Macro mode. And the E-Zoom is a bit slow but I have to wait until actualy taking some photos underwater to judge if it is really very slow or not. 4. This setup is considered to be very small and light weight by all the UW DSLR users. After my Olympus C-8080 with its polycarbonate housing, this is very very heavy Cheers
  5. Hi Chris, To tell the truth I am not very concerned about the capabilities of Nikon D90. I think it is fast enough and the resolution and imgae quality it provides is more then I need. I agree that it is already an old camera but I don't see my self upgrading to a higher model. I have searched for second hand housing for my D90 but i couldn't find anything/ Ikelite is not an option for me cause I really do not trust plastic especially if I will be using a DSLR inside it. Hugyfot was my option because it is easy to get in Netherlands, fairly priced among competiton for metal housings and it looks to have a very good slim design. Anyway, I think I will check my options a bit more and probably go for the E-M5. i just have to be sure if the Macro 60 mm Nautica port can be used with 12-50mm with the addition of this 3rd party zoom gear. But I still appreciate any more comments, advises. Thanks
  6. Hi, The size and weight are of course important. Living in Netherlands , and being someone who does not like diving in cold water with very low visibility, I have to cary the setup with me by plane. So the smaller/lighter better. Are you using the E-M5 with Nauticam or Olympus housing ? Which lense(s) are you using underwater ? Do you think it is still versatile,fast and create good results for an Amateur who is not satisfied with a simple point and shoot underwater setup ? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I used my Olympus C-8080 with original Oylmpus housing for almost 7 years. I bought the first housing brand new and then during a boat trip housing tripped down from a table and I found another one from e-bay but that one broke last year too. I have bought a Nikon D90 a couple of years ago thinking I may buy a housing for it later and have a better setup. Now that I have no working underwater gear, it is time to make a decison. At the beggining I was very convinced to use my DSLR but now looking at new cameras, cost of buying Hugyfot with all the necessary ports, trays, arms, a new strobe, etc and also thinking about how versatile my C-8080 was underwater even without any diopters or WA wet lenses, I am a bit confused. I read almost all comments about the Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Nauticam + 12-50mm setup in this forum and then I made some calculations and it seems to be a very attaractive option not only by means of price but also by means of versatility. I already have : ------------------- Nikon D90 Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Inon Z-220 Anything else from my old setup is not usable anymore. The two options I ended up with are: Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Nauticam: ------------------------------------------------ Nauticam NA-EM5 housing for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Olympus OM-D E-M5 + 12-50mm Lens Nauticam 71206 Easitray II with left handle Nauticam 71208 Adjustable Right Handle II Nauticam 72203 125mm double ball arm Nauticam 72204 200mm double ball arm Standard clamp 72501 Nauticam 25111 Strobe Mounting ball Nauticam 25312 Light Mounting Stem for cold shoe INON Z-240 S-TTL underwater strobe 26211 Nauticam to Inon optical fiber cable ?????? D&D NA-EM5 Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ Zoom Gear Nauticam Macro port 65 for Olympus 60mm Macro [36163] SubSee +10 diopter (macrolens) [sS-10] Nikon D90 + Hugyfot: ------------------------------------- Hugyfot Housing Nikon D90 Flat port Acrylic FLK-6.607 Extension ring 20 mm Gearring GEA-6.573 Fisheye Port Acrylic FEK-6.608 Gearring GEA-6.511 Silicon gear SIL-6.500 Heinrichs i-TTL circuit board for Nikon Handle Small with armball 45 degrees Viewfinder Flash connection 5-pin Flash connection 5-pin INON Z-240 S-TTL underwater strobe INON S&S Synch Cord N INON S&S Synch Cord N 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR Micro I know that they are hard to compare but I just want to be sure before spending so much money on either setup. I like shooting Macro more then wide angle, but I also feel like I will miss the versatility of my good old C-8080 which allowed me to take quite nice "Super Macro" pictures and also gives the option of going for bigger critters. By the way the price difference between these two is around 1.5K EUR Olympus+Nauticam being the cheaper. So I would be very happy to hear any comments from you guys. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am also new to the forum. I used my Olympus C-8080 for almost 7 years and after breaking one Olympus housing, buying another one and breaking that one too, now I am planning to move to a better, solid setup. I have a Nikon D90 and was planning to go for Hugyfot and Inon Z-240 in addition to my Inon Z-220 but I saw the discussions on Nauticam E-M5 and OMD and after making some calculations buying the Nauticam and the camera from scratch costs less then the Hugyfot setup. So I am a bit confused and hoping to get some help form you guys for my decision process.
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