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  1. Did three days of diving in the Graveyard of the Atlantic out of Beaufort, NC with Discovery Diving. Hit the wrecks of the Aeolus and Spar. Visibility wasn't the best, but managed to spend some quality time with the sand tiger sharks. In a day's dive there we usually do one offshore dive and one in shore dive. On the inshore dives I usually do macro as the viz is poorer. However, this year the viz was so bad in shore we didn't even try. So, it was all wide angle. The challenge with shooting sand tigers is they are so white on the bottom it's easy to overexpose as they get closer. Here's the video. Comments and critiques are welcomed.
  2. If you're still looking, I have one to sell.
  3. Thanks. 1. Mavic 2 Pro 2. Wide angle: 2 sola 3800s, 1 bigblue 6500, sola 500. Macro: 1 sola 3800, 1 sola 500, Scubalamp snoot light. 3. Yes, I color corrected in post.
  4. All the wide angle shots underwater are with the 8mm Olympus. I don't use the WWL. I think I may have used the 12-50 only on the frogfishes as they are a bit larger. All other smaller critters were shot with the 60mm.
  5. I used the 8mm and 60mm along with the 12-50mm. The 60 mm and 12-50mm can use the same port. You can see these lenses in action here getting wide and macro/super macro shots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBGKdzHcaAY
  6. I'm in Seattle and went Seattle > Taipei > Jakarta > Makassar > Luwuk. Yep, 4 flights, with 8 hours in the Jakarta Airport--got a room at the hotel to rest. At the end of all the flying is a 3 hour van ride. The upside to the distance is you will not see other dive operators in the area!
  7. Thanks TaxiDiver14! Thanks Dave! I don't know why the anemone decided it was time to recall the harlequin crab, but I'm glad I had the camera rolling!
  8. Back in March it took a dive trip to Central Sulawesi to Tompotika Dive lodge. One of the great things about this destination is it's the only dive operator in the area so it's just you and your friends on each dive site! Sites are varied from Raja Ampat-esque reefs to Anilao-like muck dives. The lodge is right on the beach and there's a muck house reef. Dive sites are usually around 10 - 30 minutes away on the boat. I shot the GH5 in a nauticam housing with an 8mm, 12-50mm and 60mm with a cmc-1. Comments and critiques are welcomed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBGKdzHcaAY
  9. Thanks cjorca. Yes, deception pass is my favorite dive in the PNW. The colors are incredible due to the raging current through the pass. You definitely have to wait for good conditions to be able to pull off a dive there. But, it's worth it! Thanks SwiftFF5!
  10. Back in September I concluded a liveaboard tip to the Banda Sea with a stop over in Ambon before flying home. I got in 12 dives in 3 days with Critterjunkies by divebluemotion. The dive shop is pretty basic and located on the shores of Laha. And, like most parts of Indonesia, sanitation is not at levels we experience in the west. So, the rocky beach was covered in plastic as well areas beneath the water. However, many magical creatures make this area home. The water was warm enough for comfort in a 5mm wetsuit for long muck dives and viz varied from 30-50 feet, although on the last day, after a harsh rain, viz deteriorated to 2-3 feet! The top of the critter list was the psychedelic frogfish (PFF) and I didn't expect to actually see one. But, our guide had found one several days earlier and we got to see one on the second dive! There is competition amongst the dive guides and operators to find PFFs so when went to look for the PFF, our guide had one diver visit with the PFF while the others were off at a distance so other guides or boats couldn't figure out the location. It was like a secret mission. However, the PFF was in shallow water and the surge and particulate made for really difficult shooting conditions. Here's a video of what I encountered in 12 dives. Comments and critiques welcome.
  11. Put together the better clips from diving the Salish Sea this past winter. Cold water does have some beautiful things to offer! Comments and critiques welcome. Gear list is in the video description.
  12. Thanks a lot! I used the M.Zuiko ED 8mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO and Nauticam 4.33' port for the wide shots. All the macro shots were set on a tripod. I'd like to say I'm that steady handheld, but it's impossible. I have two sola 3800s but barely used them. I mainly use a sola 500 spot with a semi DIY snoot. However, I lost part of the snoot on the first dive and rigged my own from a pen and eye dropper. It kinda worked! Yes, our dive guide was Pong and he works for Crystal Blue resorts. He was awesome and enthusiastic. We gave him a list of the critters we wanted to see. We got everything on the list with the exception of a jawfish with eggs. I'm glad I kept your home privacy intact!
  13. Super amazing and inspiring. Fantastic filming, creativity and editing. Something to aspire to! Thanks for sharing.
  14. What are you viewing the video on? I'm not seeing the softness at that time point. I shoot in 4k and output at 1080 to be able to punch into the scene if needed. I shoot in manual focus and use focus and exposure peaking. I didn't say the particulate in the water effects focus, I said the filter I used in post to remove some of the particulate causes softness.
  15. Yes, all manual focus. There are several mantis shrimp scenes, are you saying all of them are out of focus? The scene with the mantis shrimp juggling the eggs is out of focus a bit, but I liked the action so I kept it in. Also, there was a lot of particulate in the water, so the dust and scratches filter may be taking away some sharpness.
  16. Wolfgang, yes the small stuff was shot with the 60mm and CMC-1. I did have a fisheye lens for the wide shots. And perhaps a few were taken with the 12-50mm, but 95% with the 60mm.
  17. It seems like there have been a lot of videographers in Anilao recently. Here's my contribution. Comments and critiques welcome. Pretty much everything shot with 60mm and CMC-1. Mavic Pro for the drone shots--which I didn't get much of because it was so windy!
  18. Thanks. I've reached out to Dave directly in hopes of resolving this privately. But, may have to take things to another level if he doesn't respond. Thanks. Appreciate it!
  19. I created a video of a trip to Cozumel last year and posted it on youtube. The dive operator I used was Aldora Divers. A month or so later, while I was on Facebook, an advertisement for Aldora was displayed using a screen grab from my video. I reported it immediately as a copyright violation through Facebook and the ad was taken down. However, a friend of mine just got back from Cozumel and informed me they are playing parts of my video in the dive shop. This would mean they have copied the video from youtube to play in their dive shop without permission or compensation for perhaps up to a years time. Anyone have experience extracting compensation from dive shops in Mexico?
  20. I don't think anyone has made a claim about the images being professional. Mine was a screen grab from video and not high resolution. The main issue is the images being used commercially without notice. And apparently the software service has acquiring user permission built into it. It just wasn't used.
  21. I didn't open this weird thread. I'm commenting on it just like you are. The specific web plugin Nauticam used from the bazillion you say exist is a service from foursixty.com which can funnel IG images to a website and emails. Here's what foursixty.com says about rights: "digital rights management. With Foursixty's automated rights management system, you'll be able to request and secure the rights to your customer photos and videos with just a click. And, we’ll monitor content approvals as they come in so you can keep doing your thing." Built into this service is a way to request a secure rights from the customer--the main sticking point with what Nauticam did, using photos without asking. This wasn't implemented, but it sounds like Ryan is going back to the drawing board to implement. Further from the https://foursixty.comToS (relevant text in bold https://foursixty.com/460/terms_conditions): 5. YOUR LIMITED LICENSE OF YOUR USER CONTENT TO FOURSIXTY We do not claim any ownership interest in your User Content, but we do need the right to use your User Content to the extent necessary to operate the Site and provide the Services, now and in the future. Therefore, by posting or distributing User Content to or through the Services, you (a) grant Foursixty and its affiliates and subsidiaries a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable right to use, display, perform, reproduce, distribute, publish, modify, adapt, translate, and create derivative works from such User Content, in the manner in and for the purposes for which the Services from time to time use such User Content; (b) represent and warrant that (i) you own and control all of the rights to the User Content that you post or otherwise distribute, or you otherwise have the lawful right to post and distribute that User Content, to or through the Services; and (ii) the use and posting or other transmission of such User Content does not violate these Terms and will not violate any rights of or cause injury to any person or entity. In particular, if you provide User Content from another website, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so, and that doing so will not violate the terms of use of that website. If your User Content is intended for the use of other Users, you also grant us and our affiliates and subsidiaries a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable right to sublicense such User Content to such Users for their use in connection with their use of the Services, as described in Section 6 of these Terms. For clarity, you acknowledge that the Services allow other Users of the Services to post, publish and distribute your User Content in the manner described on the Site, and that by entering into these Terms you expressly permit us to license to them your User Content for that purpose, and you acknowledge that we have no control over their usage of your User Content. These licenses from you are non-exclusive because you have the right to use your User Content elsewhere. They are royalty-free because we are not required to pay you for the use of your User Content on the Services. And they are transferable because we need the right to transfer these licenses to any successor operator of the Services. Our rights to “modify, adapt, translate, and create derivative works from” are necessary because the normal operation of the Services does this to your User Content when it processes it for use in the Services.
  22. "If you have authorized a third-party application..." This is a key point, giving authorization. You said "I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty confident it's something related to Instagram ToS and not nauticam." Then replied with the Twitter ToS.
  23. "It's like embedding a tweet in another platform." Yes, a tweet that you've spent thousands of dollars on equipment and thousands of dollars on travel to fly around the world to get the shot only to have to put next to an add to cart button on the Nauticam website without notice. "I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty confident it's something related to Instagram ToS and not nauticam." Excellent, please point out in the Instagram ToS where this is covered.
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