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  1. I tried again last night with the 60mm and cmc-1. Getting a gauge as to the best subject size for this combination of lenses. Tried variations of MF and AFC with tracking. Couldn't get the latter to work at all probably due to the shallow depth of field. I'm using one area focus. I'm sure it's probably a familiarity thing, but when I get the camera underwater it doesn't respond like it does when I'm sitting at home just going through the settings! I tried AFC tracking on a hermit crab and the camera failed miserably. It would lock onto something when I was just trying to get it to auto focus! Anyway, that was me screaming underwater in case you were wondering. Onward with the learning!
  2. Still testing the camera, no footage to share, just experience. Tried the 60mm with the cmc-1. I don't have the focus gear so I was relying on auto focus--which I'm not all that happy with. Part of it is because I'm learning the general focus distance of the lens and the cmc. But, in general the auto focus hunts a lot. Even when using the back button focus lock. I also tried the camera in AFC in tracking mode. Didn't really work. Right now my preference lies with the 12-50mm lens for flexibility. But, I'll give the 60mm more tries. I still find myself hitting buttons and dials I don't want to with dry gloves on. I'm going to try a thinner liner and glove on my right hand to see if that helps. I have decided setting the ISO to auto is probably the way I'm going to go. One less thing to adjust. Hope you're getting along fine with the new setup. Please chime in a share any discoveries or more efficient setups. Oh, I did place an order for the smallHD501 and na-502 housing. I expect to put those into action this weekend on next week.
  3. Did another test dive last night using the 12-50mm and the cmc-1. I mistakenly shot everything in S mode which caused problems trying to set the white balance. It was a night dive and I couldn't see any of the button labels on the back of the camera. Also, with thick dry gloves on, I couldn't "feel" for the correct button. I had to pull one of the solas around to illuminate the back. The 12-50mm nauticam port turns the focus wheel into a zoom wheel. There's also a knob on the port to switch between macro mode. I found the zoom wheel doesn't function when the lens is in macro mode. First you have to switch out of macro mode and then use the zoom. The auto focus worked okay on macro subjects. Sometimes it would focus on the wrong thing and I'd have trouble coaxing it to the right subject, sometimes having to move the tripod a little. (I'm wishing I had a manual focus wheel rather than the zoom wheel!) I think the appropriate strategy going forward is to sit back from the subject more and use the 4k image size to punch into the scene in post. This also provides the benefit of greater depth of field. I did have an octopus move towards the camera and go out of focus very quickly. So, subjects moving towards and away from the lens will suffer from this. If it's moving side to side there won't be much of a focus issue. Do I dare try continuous auto focus? The focus distance of the cmc-1 is very, very close. I almost have to hit the subject with the lens to get it into focus. It makes the process a bit more cumbersome when I want to move from wide open, to macro, to super macro on a single subject (something my old setup did with ease). If I have the camera setup perfect for macro and want to go to super, I have to reach out front and move the cmc into place. This can scare the subject and also stir up silt. With practice I'll become more smooth at this operation. The other option is to back away from the subject, set the cmc into place and then return. But, this can also stir up silt lifting the tripod as well as scaring the subject. (Really missing the internal flip macro diopter of the bluefin housing!!!) With the tripod added to the setup the rig is quite heavy. I was using 6 Stix jumbo floats and it's not enough. I'll add two more at a minimum to make it less negative. When I add an external monitor, more floats will be needed! The image quality is really, really outstanding and I'm excited about that. Next test will be with the 60mm. Will post some sample footage perhaps over the weekend.
  4. It's the fall off of the lights. No vignetting. Still getting used to the super wide view of the fisheye and didn't adjust the lights properly.
  5. I like the 180 degree view of the fisheye. I learned you cannot pan too quickly otherwise the distortion becomes quite apparent. Underwater the the lens can make for some dramatic scenes. Above water it has little use because any straight lines will reveal the distortion. I mainly want to use it for wide closeups. I may add a 7-14mm to my kit, once the financial damage of the initial investment wears off a bit. My macro port with the GH5 gear arrives today. I'm going to try and test it tonight. I have the CMC-1 as well and will give it a go. I'm kinda used to super macro, so I'm hoping for a smooth adjustment from the video camera.
  6. Oh, also learned I can get two dives on one battery. (Battery died during the 3rd dive.)
  7. I did a test dive in the south San Juan Islands yesterday and here are some uncorrected video clips. I shot in manual at 1080/60p and custom white balanced against 2 solo 3000 lights. Use the Olympus PRO fisheye lens and the conditions were good enough viz wise to work with wide angle--which I'll confess isn't my strong point. Setting details are in the video. I was mainly trying to work with wide angle closeups. I ended up with a fair amount of footage out of focus. In manual mode I'd half press the shutter button to lock focus and then start recording. For the next fisheye tests, I'm going to just leave the aperture wide open and see how focus to infinity works. Comments and critiques are welcome. My macro port arrives tomorrow and I'll do some tests with it this week as I have better competency with macro. https://youtu.be/ETrESFIAato
  8. I did my first test dive with the GH5 today. Viz was 5-10 feet with lotsa particulate. I probably tried to much shooting 4K60p in vlog for the first try. I'm adjusting from a video camera to the GH5. Also from locline arms to awkward ultralight arms. That will take a lot of getting used to. I had some trouble hitting the right buttons in dry gloves. That will probably come with practice. I turned the shutter angle a couple times by mistake. I was using the Olympus 1.8 fisheye. I don't have a focus ring for it so I was using a combination of manual and auto focus. Unfortunately, focus peaking doesn't show up when in auto focus mode. I also had my tripod on which made it even more of a challenge to get around with--until I"m used to it. And, I learned the fisheye is so wide it gets the tripod legs in the frame. The conditions were so poor I didn't really get much video to share. I do feel an external monitor is needed to be able to better see the screen. It's too hard to try and get low to see the back panel. I managed to set the white balance with a grey slate. In full manual, at this point, I found it a challenge to keep exposure and focus in line. Like juggling for the first time. But, it will come with practice. I'll post video from the next go around. The macro port comes next week and will be more suitable for the conditions.
  9. My housing arrived today so I'll take it for a dive tomorrow. Although, I only have the fish eye port. Macro port comes in next week. And, the viz reports are about 3-5 feet. So, it will be a chunky mess, but good for developing muscle memory where the controls are located.
  10. Adam, did you add anything to adjust the buoyancy of the camera? Any floats needed?
  11. Thanks for kicking this off Adam. I don't get my housing till next week so I can't comment on how to use it yet. One thing I might suggest is to change your settings from shutter speed to shutter angle. For video you generally want the shutter speed to be double the frame rate. Since you shot at 60p, your shutter speed should be twice that--120. So, each time you change the frame rate, you'd need to change the shutter speed accordingly. If you shoot 24fps, then you'd set the shutter speed to 50, etc. However, if you change the setting from shutter speed to shutter angle and set the angle to 180, the camera will make the adjustment for you no matter what frame rate you use. So, one less setting to deal with. You can google on youtube for better explanations of the above. I'm on a mac, so I can really tell you much about movie maker. I'd assume there's a setting to set the fps on the timeline if you wanted it at 60. With my old camera I carry a grey slate to white balance with. I will probably continue doing this with the gh5. It provides much better results than trying to do it in post. Did you have exposure peaking turned on? That might help with avoiding over exposure. I'm planning on shooting full manual with exposure and focus peaking on to avoid the focus hunting if possible. But, I don't know how this will translate underwater. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for yours and Adam's feedback. I've pulled the trigger on my order and will get the housing late this week or next week. Supposedly the fixed gear for the 12-50mm will be available then as well. Looking forward to a lot of rapid learning. I process video on a 2008 mac pro. While almost a decade old it can still handle the 4K60p files via proxy media in FCPX. Takes a while to generate the files. The the workflow is smooth after that. Perhaps we'll have to open a new thread for GH5 techniques as people have the camera and housings now.
  13. What editor are you using? Most will let you select the portion of the clip you want before importing it.
  14. Nauticam's response on the 12-50mm lens port issue: http://www.nauticam.com/news/gh5-zoom-gear-compatibility-olympus-m-zuiko-ed-12-50mm-f3-5-6-3-ez/
  15. Thanks for the photo of the viewport. How'd your first outing go?
  16. Cool. I hope you'll post some sample footage. Can you tell me if the display can be seen in it's entirety through the back of the housing? In the photos it looks like the left side my be obstructed.
  17. A video compilation of diving the Salish Sea during the winter. I tried labeling the critters for identification purposes. Comments & critiques are welcome.
  18. Official statement from Panasonic on the Auto Focus issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRcxC8o0TG4
  19. This test looks promising with 1-area autofocus with speed at 5 and sensitivity at 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZrBLYFGs9A&feature=youtu.be
  20. Yeah, I watched that video previously. It performs better, but still kinda flakey. I have a GH5 and am deciding if I'm going to keep or return it. I have just the 60mm lens to test with. Moving from a dedicated video camera to mirrorless is a big change.
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