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  1. What do you make of the GH5 auto focus controversy taking place on youtube and elsewhere? I'm contemplating upgrading to the GH5 from a Sony CX550 video camera. I'm trying to make heads or tails about the auto focus issues.
  2. http://www.housingcamera.com/id4794-nauticam-housing-4-panasonic-gh5.html
  3. Thanks! No wet macro. The bluefin housing has an internal flip macro diopter for close focus. The camera itself has a 10X optical zoom.
  4. Thanks! I used the sony cx550 for the macro shots on a tripod. I manually white balance with a grey slate. The makes for more accurate colors--in addition to video lights!
  5. Took a first trip to Cozumel recently with Aldora Divers. Here are highlights from 30 dives. Comments and critiques are welcome!
  6. I also use a tripod, so after setting it up, I can swim away from the scene. This sometimes give the creatures more courage to come out if they don't hear a bubble blower outside.
  7. Thanks! Yes, the macro shots were with the CX550. I used the housing's internal flip macro diopter to focus in close. The CX550 has a 10X optical zoom. The combination of the two allows for nice macro capabilities.
  8. Thanks. You have to be patient and move slowly. Sometimes they will flee and then move right back into position. So, basically just being patient and willing to sit there for a while.
  9. Compilation summer video under and above the Salish Sea featuring giant pacific octopus, nudibranchs, wolf eels, war bonnets, decorator crabs and other beautiful marine life.
  10. Thanks Grant. I used sola 3000s. I did some image stabilization on the wide angle shots. I'm not so good at those. For macro stuff I used a tripod.
  11. Just a warning to watch your camera around these guys. I've got the footage because I won the tug-o-war!
  12. Do you mean shooting with ambient light? If so, I think that's the red filter for the GoPro I was using at 100 feet. I did some work to color correct it, but it looks like it could use some more tweaking looking at it again.
  13. I visited the Atlantic Graveyard last month and did a couple dives on the wreck of the Aeolus and one on the Spar. The Aeolus is filled with sand tiger sharks among other marine life large and small. Here's the video. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  14. Thanks so much Tim. It's funny how those crabs had the entire octopus but decided for fight over that one tentacle. There's probably a lesson there. ;^)
  15. Does the pro version have 2 internal flip levers for the color filter and macro diopter? I searched for a pro version for sony, but couldn't find one and wanted that feature. What I've found really helps the color is manually setting the white balance with a grey slate. The housing allows you to do this with one button press if you set it up.
  16. Thanks Nick. The octopus was already deceased. It did seem like a young octopus though.
  17. Thanks very much. Looks like we use the same video housing. Although I'm on an older sony camera and have the standard housing, not the pro version.
  18. I believe the eggs are painted greenling eggs. I didn't get to visit them again later in development. Yes, cold water diving is gear intensive, the viz not so great and not nearly and comfortable as diving in the tropics! I'm envious of your decades of diving in warm water though!
  19. Premiere is also an option but with a monthly fee. FCPX and premiere offer trial versions. You may want to kick the tires for yourself to help decide. Another option is to look at the plugins for iMovie to see if they will accomplish what you feel is missing in iMovie. This is probably the cheapest route. I haven't tried it, but this is an iMovie alternative: https://www.iskysoft.com/filmora-video-editor-mac.html
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