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  1. I use FCPX and it rocks but does cost money. However, it's a flat cost as opposed to a monthly fee for premiere. It's also highly tuned for macs to take advantage of multiple cores. iMovie would seem to fit your low cost and less complicated use case. If you want more control over text you can purchase plugins to expand the functions in this area.
  2. Here's some footage from winter diving in the Salish Sea. 3 minutes of cold, green water muck diving with beautiful marine life large and small. If you've never seen a pacific spiny lumpsucker, take a look. Comments and critiques welcome.
  3. Thanks Allan, That tiny inhabited island is located here. I can't remember the name of the small town although we did a walking tour. The dive is the docks there and they had tons of marine life. It's also famous for the kids jumping off the dock and swimming down to the divers. The cruise director said, if they did that, not to give them air. Otherwise they could suffer a lung expansion injury ascending. This only my second liveaboard trip so my experience is limited the the MV Ambai and the SunDancer II. I found the MV Ambai to be comfortable and utilitarian. The rooms had AC and as usual, were small. The camera room was not sufficient for the amount of cameras, but we made it work. Diving from the tender boats was new for me and added some complications mainly timing wise to get out and back with enough time to fill all the tanks between dives. 4 dives a day max. Being a wooden boat, it was creeky underway. Overall I enjoyed myself immensely and the diving was phenomenal. I'd book another trip on the Ambai.
  4. Thanks. These are actually the very first mantis shrimp I've ever encountered, I was fortunate they wanted to hang out for a bit. I really liked the cleaning behavior and their crazy eyes. I came across several others but they didn't cooperate.
  5. I recently traveled to Raja Ampat on a 12 day liveaboard on the MV Ambai. I took my sony camcorder in a bluefin housing for macro, a GoPro4 for wide angle and a Phantom 3 for drone footage. This was the first time using a GoPro and it turned out pretty well. Although it required more post correction. It was nice to be able to shoot wide and macro on all dives. This was truly a bucket list fulfilling trip! Here's the completed video. Comments and critiques are welcome!
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, it took a long while to cut 3 hours of footage down to 6 minutes. It's fun though even if time consuming! I live in the pacific northwest and I always have trouble with wide angle shots because I'm not used to so much ambient light in tropical waters. So, there was a lot of bad wide angle shots to sift through and delete! I'm always doing macro stuff at home as wide angle in 10 feet of viz doesn't get you much!
  7. 27 dives in Belize condensed down into highlights! Includes some drone footage as well.
  8. I think perhaps it's a stellar sea lion. Don't the California sea lions have a more pronounced forehead?
  9. Here's a recent video I put together of an encounter with a very large sea lion in the puget sound. As you'll see, he starts off being playful then becomes a bit more threatening. Used a sony CX550 in a bluefin housing with a GoPro 4 black attached. I also used an osmo for steady shots in the boat and a Phantom 3 4k for drone footage.
  10. Nice shots! I'm heading to Raja Ampat next month. I hope I have a similar encounter!
  11. Here's a recent short video I put together of night diving in the puget sound. I shot it with a sony CX550 in a bluefin housing with dual sola1200s. Post processing in Final Cut Pro X. I use a tripod for stabilizing macro shots.
  12. Hi, would you be interested in selling the housing without the video camera? If so, how would that change the price? Also, are there any lenses or is there a case? And, finally, does this housing have the standard or OLED display?
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