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  1. Hey I am not sure when they were made, the heads are the CRI ones Do you know how I can tell the manufacture year?
  2. Hey guy's I believe these are 8000 lumens, all of the batteries don't hold a full charge. However I don't know when the batteries will run out as they have never run out on a dive. I have only used them up to 40 mins though, they have just done a trip to Trek lagoon and completed the dives with never running out of battery life The most I had them on was around 40 mins per dive though
  3. 2 High quality Keldan lights with 4 batteries at very good price. Lights in good condition, some minor marks here and there but nothing to visible and certainly nothing that affects performance The batteries don't hold a full charge but can still run the lights at full power for over 40 mins, the lights have never run out on a dive Lights are in Iceland and will ship anywhere for additional payment of shipping cost
  4. Hey I would like this strobe if it's still available? Shipped to Iceland if possible? Thanks
  5. Reduced price to 1900 USD for the package
  6. Hey Your more than welcome to make an offer if you wish? Cheers
  7. I did actually buy these of someone else on here and i have not used them touch, the batteries hold up well though and I can complete two dives using them as and when for Video Battery life has certainly not been an issue for me with these lights. I usually do a combination of both video and Photo though so they are not on for the whole of a dive
  8. Hey Yes I believe so Thanks
  9. 2 Keldan Luna 8 CRI lights, in good condition. Minimal signs of wear and tear. Come in regional box (Boxes damaged from always transporting lights) Also comes with 4 batteries plus 2 battery chargers so you can always have a set on charge 2 Nauticam Carbon float arms 4 Clamos for Arms 2 Short arms, ball one end and screw thread the other Good condition lights, some minor scratches on lens but nothing major or ver visible. Great performance for the price 2,900 USD for the full set shipped
  10. Cheers guy's, nice to have some reading to do. I shall shout up if I have any more questions after reading these links Cheers
  11. I am after a 45 degree viewfinder. Please PM me the price
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