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  1. Has anyone got any examples (Pictures) of methods they have used to resolve this? Cheers Byron
  2. Thanks for your reply Is this a common problem? Byron
  3. Thanks Tim I will be looking at building bit of a WA portfolio hence this choice, I currently live and dive daily in Iceland where water temperature is usually 2-3 degrees so this should be a nice change for me! I obviously take a lot of Macro in the Oceans here as vis is usually 1-2m but Silfra is perfect for WA I will be shooting the 10-17 and also have the Sigma 17-70 which I like as a bit of an all-round lens I have previously dived all around the world so very much looking forward to some more reef action, I used to work on a live aboard in far North Queensland before moving to Iceland I am also booked in for a months Tec diving in Malta in September to build up the wreck portfolio which is why I have chosen the simply the best schedule as a contrast to the photo's I should get in Malta Cheers for your reply, do you have a link to the article you wrote? Byron
  4. Hey hey all I am looking at taking the Blue Horizon Liveaboard in Egypt in the first week of June next year for the Simply the best schedule. Any thoughts/opinions on the boat, schedule and time of year? First time in Egypt after hearing so many good things Thanks Byron
  5. What sort of techniques are people using to add weight in order to compensate for the dome always wanting to pull upwards? I would much rather have a negative camera set up than one that I have to fight to keep level, I find the dome port a little frustrating to dive with at the moment Photo's of additional ways to attach weight would be great
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