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  1. Housings are sold. Still for sale : Hugyfot macro plane port 70 mm long - price reduced to 85 EUR Hugyfot macro plane port 90 mm long - price reduced to 85 EUR Hugyfot handgrip without ball - price reduced to 20 EUR
  2. Hi all, I have some Hugyfot bits for sale. First, I have an ousing Hugyfot Atlan pour Nikon F50 This sale includes : - one Hugyfot Atlan housing for Nikon F50, it works, tested dry in swimming pool - max depth 60m - a second, identical housing, sold for parts but possible to repair (zoom knob which comes out, just a few glue and it should be fixed) - 2 Nikon F50 bodies, working, each with batteries (not empty) - one lens Nikon AF 35-80 f:4-5,6 (metal mount) - zoom gear Hugyfot for this lens - dome port (for the field of view of a 24mm) This is a "ready to dive" set, for making underwater photos on traditionnal film. I'm asking 150 EUR for this whole set. This set is over 5kg so the postage costs are high - please contact me for checking postage costs. I have also 2 Hugyfot plane / macro port : one 70mm long, the other 90mm long Theses ports dates back to the nineties and are machined of ALUMINIUM instead the current ports which are plastic ones. The glass itself is glass, not plastic. Equivalent to the current Hugyfot product FLK-6.916 / FLK-6.915 The ports can be mounted on the latest Hugyfot housings. I tested them on my Hugyfot D7000 housing and they pass Hugycheck test I'm asking 100 EUR for each port I have also a hangrip without ball for all Hugyfot housing with M8 fixing for handles, 30 EUR.
  3. Hi, How much for the 20 mm ring and the dome port ? Shipping to Belgium ? Thanks
  4. Hi, How much would you ask for the 35mm extension ring alone ? You talk about "55mm & 75mm focus gears", could you please give the exact Hugyfot reference numbers of the focus gear (both the black plastic part and the silicone part, in the form GEA-X.XXX) ? And how much for these ? Shipping to Belgium ? Thanks
  5. Hi, if you decide to sell the items separately I'm interested in one fisheye dome port (which one depending on the price), and also 20 or 40 mm extension ring. David
  6. I've made myself a very cheap pack... Two lithium 18650 3.7V batteries (http://dx.com/p/2000mah-rechargeable-li-ion-18650-battery-blue-2-pcs-293640), a 2x battery case (http://dx.com/p/7-4v-2-x-18650-battery-holder-case-box-with-leads-100997), some soldering... 7,4 V is very close to 6x1,2V... It works like a charm. Batteries needs to be charged outside the strobe (and you need a 18650 charger, obviously). And avoid some water in the strobe, because lithium batteries don't like water...
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