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  1. Hi all and thanks in advance for any input. I am looking at buying new macro lenses, I already own Reefnet plus 5 and plus 10 lenses which i use on a Nikon d7100 in a nauticam housing .(crop sensor) My question is this , which is most powerful the smc1 or the plus 10? I want a more powerful lens with a good working distance if possible. Its difficult to get to compare these lenses myself without purchasing first due to where i live. Oh nearly forgot will be using with 105 and 60mm nikon lenses. Cheers steve.
  2. hi has no one got one of these for sale? come on ff upgraders
  3. hi all as above I have a 7100 and was wanting to know if it is worth the cost of upgrading to the 7200. both will fit in my nauticam housing but i cant really see from the spec if it is an upgrade or a waste of cash. In my humble opinion its just the auto focus and low light performance that matter to me as i only shoot underwater. So can any one with experience of both cameras tell me if the 7200 is faster focusing or better in any way i have not noticed. thanks steve
  4. thanks Tim. does anybody have a nauticam 19227 zoom gear they would like to sell laying about?
  5. hi all im looking for a zoom gear for a tokina 10-17 lens with a teleconverter fitted. its a nikon fit i need .can anyone help?
  6. hi have a inon d2000 if any good? located in north east uk. 200 pounds plus post
  7. when did you take this footage time of year please looking to book myself awsome video.
  8. mark which nikon lens 60mm do you use with the teleconverter i am guessing the old af d type ?. its just i want to use my 60mm nikon the af s with a teleconverter and was told it won`t work. can you clarify this for me please? ps nice pics!
  9. Hi all I have a problem. I am looking for information as to whether the old style nikon lens ( 60mm) will fit into the nauticam macro port 60 , I also have a 20 mm port extention for the 60 making it an 87. The reason I am asking is i`m told the old lens works really well with a teleconverter and the new lens which i have does not. I don`t want to start buying more ports to replace stuff i already have but would buy an old 60 mm lens if it will fit into my existing ports and work . thanks for advice steve ps. just to make this clear i have the macro port made for the new 60mm lens not the compact port or old style threaded nauticam port.
  10. Hi all looking to go to bali [tulemben] in jan/feb 17. is it divable at that time of year? I know its the rainy season but i am restricted on dates, so stuck really anyhow any advice or expierences of that time of year are most welcome.
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