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  1. Got everything but port. Thank you for replying.
  2. Steve, thank you for your reply. Very nice strobes and are exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately, they are totally out of my price range. I am a marine biology student (midlife crisis result!) and have only ~$800 for lights and port. That is why I am looking for used items online. I am from Seattle and in one of the other forums, someone gave me an address for a dive shop here that sells used uw photo equipment. I'll be checking them out today.
  3. Hi there. I am new not only to this site (found it by looking for strobes and port online) but to scuba diving as well. I started diving last year and I love photography. Never done any underwater pics yet, but trying to start. I alredy bought a used D300 with Aquatica housing on craigslist, but I still need the following: * Complete setup of two of Ikelite DS-125 with TTL cord * Aquatica 18426 AF/MF Macro port Please let me know if you have any of these items and are willing to part with them for a reasonable price. Thank you in advance. Marina
  4. Do you still have the Aquatica macro af/mf port $385?
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