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  1. Hey guys, thanks for continuing to post, sorry I've not been around for a bit - busy with land photography this winter season... Brett, it's funny you mention that. Stoo suggested that it might be that exact problem. I brushed him off thinking it was impossible, because the port itself is black (not letting in any light), and the space between the lens, and the port body is soooo small that I figured it was impossible that was causing the issue. But now here you've confirmed that it may just be that. Of course, Ikelite will not admit to that! Their housings are just perfect! I guess I'll have to try that now too. Well, I'll be in the pool for a little while, so I'll have lots of time to play around with it, and see if I can't isolate the problem. Thanks, gents!
  2. UPDATE!! Well, I've got some news, as it did for Alison, the tape also worked for me. But it wasn't totally bullet proof. I was still getting some reflections. However, with some practice, and research, I think I have solved the issue!! Such a beginner mistake, that it was probably the reason why no one mentioned it here - I feel a little slow! I had my strobes waaaaaay too far forward, and light from them was getting directly into the dome. With the adjustment, I think I may now be problem free!
  3. Hey everyone! Just a quick, total newbie question - is there a way to eliminate while shooting, or during PP the banding that occurs when shooting UW with the sun as a natural light source? If I'm not being totally clear, I'm kind of seeing the artefacted banding in the darks at the bottom of this image. And, although this image has been edited, it was noticeable SOOC, so it's not a PP issue. Thanks for your help!!
  4. I was actually out today in 'clear' water, and there were no reflections at all out of 50 shots fired off!!! So, maybe between the UV filter, and the silty water, I've got it figured out. But I've got a few shots pointing into the sun today too. I'll continue to keep posting as I go along.
  5. Cool, thanks Andy, and Todd. I did try it without the filter, and it made a difference. Still there though. I'm going out again on Sunday, I'll try it with some gaffer tape too. Thanks again guys!
  6. Aaah the things we didn't know before buying!
  7. Hey, thanks Paul, and sorry for the delay in replying. Here's a sample image that I sent to Stoo earlier this week. It of course has no artistic merit, or any value at all for that matter, but it's a good exaggerated example of what I'm seeing in my photos. The very bright ring on the outer portion of the frame is a chromed ring on the outer portion of the lens. The rest of the rings are just reflections from the face of the lens itself. PS - I was out again last night, sans UV filter. It helped quite a bit, but still noticeable. Break out the gaffer tape from the basement, I guess!!
  8. Hey everyone - I'm quite new to underwater photography, but not to photography in general. I just took my new Ikelite housing, along with a Tokina 11-16 lens in an 8" dome port out for a spin yesterday in some pretty silty fresh water. I ended up with some pretty interesting shots, however an interesting occurance resulted in most of my photos. There is a reflection of the front of my lens in almost all of my photos. After calling Ikelite, I was told that I was shooting at an 'improper angle' to the sun, and that if I correct that, it should be rectified. Although I can see the validity to this, I find it hard to believe that all 66 photos were taken at the same 'improper angle' to the sun. I've gone through a couple other ideas in my head, and I'm left with only one thing I think may help. So to make a short story long..... Should I remove the UV filter from the lens!?!?!? Thanks for any advice!
  9. Hey everyone. I have been a land photographer for a while now, and decided to take the plunge, as it were, with underwater photography. I just purchased an Ikelite housing for my Canon 60D, along with dual S&S YS-D1 strobes. I'm shooting both WA, and macro. Hope to get some good info from this site!
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