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  1. Apologies for hijacking the post, but if anyone is looking for a Zen 4inch dome (Nauticam fit) for this nice lens Friiedriich is selling, please see my post 😁
  2. How much are you asking for each item? Where are you located?
  3. No. The one you mentioned is the dome for the Canon 8-15. The one I'm selling is for Tokina 10-17 (ZEN DP-100-N120T)
  4. The dome has the tiniest (1mm) mark, which is hard to spot and does not show in photos. £550 + buyer pays for shipping.
  5. This is a fantastic lens for dolphins, sharks, etc. Optics are excellent. Please note this is not IS lens. £300 buyer pays for shipping. Item located in the UK
  6. Looking for a Nauticam Macro Port 94 for Canon 100mm L lens
  7. I'm looking for: - Zen DP-100-N120CR 4" Glass Dome Port for Canon 8-15 - Nauticam C815-Z zoom gear for Canon 8-15 F/4L
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